*The most important: we still have customers from 2010, and teammate from 2009.


  • Our business name registered under Hong Kong SAR: YIWU JIN-JACK IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.
  • Our company ID under China State Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine: 69703960-9
  • Our company ID under Yiwu AIC: 3307 8200 0124 638
  • Our business name under Yiwu AIC : 义乌市金杰进出口有限公司
  • By 2022, we’ve helped more than 500 visitors / buyers globally. Our total annual revenue(including partnered businesses) recorded over 10 million USD.



Our head-office is located right INSIDE Yiwu market.  Our warehouse is located BESIDE Yiwu market. These locations enable us with best efficiency.

We believe that Integrity and Honesty are the biggest advantages we have so far,  plus Profession and Dedication, these are the 4 motors push us moving forward. 


=== Management Team ===

  • Jack, founder & General manger.(how Jack started this company?).  Jin, co-founder, CFO. Since year 2009.
  • Mike, CFO assistant, senior account manager. Worked with us since year 2013. 
  • Cally Ho, Acting General Manager, Key account manager. Worked with us, as early as year 2011.
  • Nini, Supervisor, Senior account manager. Been with us since year 2015. 
  • Min Lee, Senior account manager. Worked with us, as early as year 2010.
  • Loong, CFO assistant, Supply chain manager. Joined us in year 2023.
  • Lucas, Administrative officer, Purchasing manager. Joined us in year 2024.
  • Jay, Warehousing manager, Prep specialist. Been with us since 2022.

=== Division Managers & Partners ===

  • Tony Chen, previous general manager, current owner of  TonySourcing. 
  • Mr. Jun Qun Huang, qualified supplier, current owner of DONG YANG UNI POP DISPLAYS CO., LTD.
  • Lisa Lee, previous manager, current owner of YIWU DING CHENG IMP. AND EXP., CO., LTD. 
  • Miffy Hu, previous account manager,  current owner of YIWU RAINBOW IMP. AND EXP., CO., LTD. 
  • Lily Yang, previous manager.
  • Panpan Chou, previous account manager, current owner of YIWU INSIDE BEAUTY IMP. AND EXP., CO., LTD. 
  • Carol Shi, previous account manager, current owner of YIWU HUI SHUO TRADING CO., LTD. 
  • Wesnli Ou, prep manager, sourcing partner in Guangzhou, China. Worked with us as early as year 2015.
  • Ben Deng, sourcing partner in Foshan, Guangdong, China. Worked with us as early as year 2013.

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