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Which Airport to Fly?

  • Yiwu Airport. Many cities fly to Yiwu: HK,  Seoul, Beijng , Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou... Although many flights can easily delay, flying to Yiwu is still a good option if you can.
  • Hangzhou Airport. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport (HGH), is only 1.5 hrs away from Yiwu. Many taxi, buses(coaches) are going from Hangzhou airport to Yiwu daily. Hangzhou has more flights and cheaper rates. Here is more info: travel from Hangzhou airport to Yiwu.
  • Shanghai Pudong airport (PVG) is 4 hrs from Yiwu. Taxi/car is recommended. Fast train from Shanghai to Yiwu only takes 1.5-2.0 hrs.  But it can easily take 5+ hrs before you check in Yiwu hotel. Here is more info: travel from Shanghai to Yiwu.
  • HK airport is another option. There are flights between Yiwu and HK on each TUE, THU, and SAT. Here are more details: travel from HK to Yiwu.
  • Beijing airport . There are 2 flights from Beijing to Yiwu daily. One in the morning, and one in at night. Time: 2 hrs

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