Yiwu Market Guide APP

A MUST-HAVE tool for visiting Yiwu market. Available on Apple store, Google Play, and direct download for Android phones.

Yiwu Market Guide App on Apple Store, Google Play, AndroidYiwu Market Guide App on Apple Store, Google Play, Android Direct Download.

You Won't Get Lost

Built-in GPS and market map let you know where to go, even no WiFi.

Yiwu market live location: i'm between district 2 and district 3.You're near gate 46 of district 2 of Yiwu market, between district 2 and district 3, facing district 3.

You Will Know Where Your Products Are

Built-in market maps let you know what products are at where, which floor, which gate.

You Can Talk With Suppliers Directly

You won't have to hire a translator just for basic information acquire. 

Yiwu market guide App: ask for priceAsk for wholesale price in Yiwu market with App.

You just show your screen to supplier, to get all basic questions answered. Without any translation. (prices translated by human translator can be wrong).

You Won't Miss/Mess Your Products Information

Record all important information of your products: picture, price, package, minimum order quantity,lead time, supplier name card. 

You will have all important products information on a file:

This a A MUST-HAVE tool for visiting Yiwu market.

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