Yiwu Scarf and Shawls Market

  • Location(s): 4th floor, district 4, Yiwu international trade city.
  • Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7x365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

yiwu scarf and shawls market

Yiwu Scarf and Shawls Market In General:

#1 Market scale: about 1,400 wholesale shops

#2 Market make up: 28% factories direct sell, 72% distributers and representatives

#3 Yearly transactions: 300,000,000+ pcs which values around 400 million USD

#4 Market share: 60% in China local market, 18% in global market

#5 Products origin: Hangzhou, Tonglu, Jiande, Linping, Huzhou… mostly from Zhejiang and Jiangsu province.

#6 Products range: Silk Scarves, Square Silk Scarf, Chiffon Scarves, Cotton Scarves, Linen Scarves, Knit Scarf, Pashmina Shawls, Crocheted Shawls-Scarf, Animal Print Scarf, Evening Shawls, Mens Scarves, Head Scarf, Velvet Neck Scarves, Fur Scarves, Winter Scarves, Muslim scarves…

#7 mainly exports to: USA, Japan, Korea, South Asia, Europe, and Russia.

P.S. Above data is either sited from many other resources or on-site verified by Yiwu-market-guide.com., can only serve as references. We’re not responsible for their accurateness.

one shop inside Yiwu scarf and shawls market

Yiwu Scarf and Shawls Market Stocks & MOQ:

Most of the suppliers here are only working in a "sample-and-order" way. MOQ is usually about 100 pcs per design per color.

About 35% of the shops here can offer stocks at some extent. The stocks are either out-dated designs or the left-overs. Few shops can offer stocks for those most popular ones in production.

In these cases, you can pick up 12 pcs or even 1 pc if you insist.

yiwu scarf shawls
one shop with stocks

Overall, this is a good place if you are looking for variety and not-that-huge MOQ. You can imagine 1,400+ wholesale shops, each with hundreds or thousands of designs, covering half of a floor, standing there waiting for you...

Yiwu Scarf & Shawls Market Visiting Tips:

#1 Smoking is inside/around shops is an absolute big “no-no”. You have to go to smoking room.

#2 Ask for permission before taking photos.

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    Yiwu Market News:

    14 Nov. 2011:
    Yiwu Market Turnover Reached 1,500 million USD in Q3 2011

    02 Oct. 2011:
    Over 20% Shops Close or Half-close from Oct.01 to Oct.03, 2011

    23 Sep. 2011:
    Yiwu Market Is Becoming Busy

    20 Aug. 2011:
    Yiwu Binwang Market is EMPTY now!

    24 Apr. 2011:
    Canada Mart in Yiwu Market Opened on Apr. 20, 2011.

    17 Apr. 2011:
    District 5 of Yiwu International Commodity City Will Begin Trial Operation On May. 18, 2011.

    23 Mar. 2011:
    Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market Is Upcoming.

    18 Feb. 2011:
    Yiwu Market Is Fully Opened Now After 2011 Chinese New Year.

    01 Feb. 2011:
    Yiwu International Trade Center D5 Recruit Plan .

    08 Jan. 2011:
    Yiwu International Trade Center & Bingwang Market 2010 Annual Turnover Reached 45.6 Billion Yuan .

    26 Dec. 2010:
    International Trade City District 5 Is Recruiting New Vendors.

    20 Dec. 2010:
    Yiwu Huangyuan Clothes Market Is Bringing In New Vendors.

    20 Oct. 2010:
    Free Link Shuttles around International Trade City Has 6 More Stops.

    05 Oct. 2010:
    Yiwu Factories Are Asking For Longer Lead Time Due to Lack of Labor and Power.

    23 Sep. 2010:
    Yiwu Market and Yiwu Fair Were Introduced On MACEF 2010.

    17 Sep. 2010:
    Currency Exchange Rate Only Has Limited Negative Impacts On Chinese Exports.

    13 Sep. 2010:
    Demand of Cleaning Products in Yiwu Market Is Increasing.

    07 Sep. 2010:
    Watches and Clocks Are Still Selling Fast in This Holiday Season.

    08 Mar. 2010:
    Yiwu Market Prices May Rise!

    28 Feb. 2010:
    Yiwu Market Is Fully Opened Now!

    02 Jan. 2010:
    2009 Yiwu International Trade City Turnover Hit Another Record of 6 Billion USD.

    28 Dec. 2009:
    2010 Spring Festival holiday is from 13th, Feb. 2010 to 21st, Feb. 2010.

    24 Sep. 2009:
    Free shuttles go around Yiwu international trade city everyday.

    8 Aug. 2009:
    Yiwu Market Shows Recovery