2009 Yiwu International Trade City Turnover Hit Another Record of 6 Billion USD

2010-01-02 15:30:11 by Yiwu-Market-Guide.COM

Yiwu International Trade City turnover in 2009 hit another record of 6 Billion USD, a 7.8% year on year increase, according to statistics from Yiwu Industry & Commerce Bureau.

Yiwu market has become more active in 2009. According to statistics released by Yiwu government, the number of market players has reached 137,000, an increase of nearly 9000 over the same period last year, a 6% year on year increase. The representative of foreign enterprises reached 2614, an 22.7% increase year on year.

As an important window for China's export-oriented economy, the second half of 2008, as financial crisis deepened, Yiwu market was facing a sharp contraction in external demand, exports declined by 30%.

In order to solve money problems, the local government introduced a series of measures to assist Yiwu SMEs, including the right to use the mortgage rental stores and an emergency lending fund.

After opening a “second battlefield” (markets in developing countries) and a strong domestic recovery, by November, the number of foreign investors into Yiwu reached 40,000+, an increase of 20% year on year.

Yiwu customs data also shows a steady increase of Yiwu export in 2009.

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