Watches and Clocks Are Still Selling Fast in This Holiday Season.

- Sep.06, 2010

*Source: "Yiwu Market Daily"

Tips: Watch and Clocks market, the overall industry is more competitive, a high profile industry, in the International Trade City two areas (F / G) a total of more than 450 commercial spaces, the main operating more than 500 families, were three House watch industry business area and watch the fourth floor of the production management area outlet centers. Watch a wide range of industry products, mainly high, medium and low types of mechanical clocks, mechanical watches, watches, wrist watches, wall charts, quartz clock, electronic clock, calendar, clock parts. The main products from Yiwu local, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, with domestic and foreign many well-known brands, more than 75% foreign sales, products sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe and the United States in several places.

Watches and clocks products are in the market to run one of the more stable industries, sales of seasonal products is not strong, short season is not obvious. 2010, market recovery by the international financial environment, the World Expo and the World Cup and other factors, foreign sales rose compared with last year. Meanwhile, raw material prices, increased production costs, the price of Bell products have higher than last year. Clock recent market trend products as follows:

First, the economic recovery led foreign trade growth

As in recent years, foreign investors and foreign enterprises in Yiwu for purchase Office continues to increase, the market bell products exports rising foreign trade, foreign trade radiating expanded, and this year the international financial environment Fu Su, but is effective Daidong foreign trade and export growth compared with last year, an increase of more than 10%.

Second, the high-end products for export strength

In addition to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, a large number of countries and regions, customers return, the United States and Europe buyers than the growth during the financial crisis With domestic and international standards for product quality improvement of lower-end products has been gradually losing market, the high-end products more and more by domestic and foreign buyers welcomed optimism.

3rd, decorative alarm clocks sought after

Watches and clocks products have already started the second half of foreign procurement, the present greater sales to small alarm clock, clock and clock-based technology. Among them, the design of novel, small and exquisite spring cartoon photo frame alarm clock clock and an apple-based products and other innovative sales potential especially alarm clock; decorative dolls strong small alarm clock, run-run, Hot Wheels alarm clock, colorful clock, etc. good color; full of childlike art wall clock, wall clock IKEA-style sales technology fiery, subject to domestic buyers of all ages.

Fourth, the economic boom in the domestic market opening The new semester is approaching, students with a small alarm clock in turn into a domestic small climax. This year a small alarm clock modeling diverse, colorful, both in product design, or in the functional design are closely aligned with international trends, while environmental awareness and high-tech carbon concept of integration into product design to make products more a sense of technology, environmental protection.

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