Yiwu Market Map in PDF, Free Download.

Which Yiwu market map is right for foreign buyers?

If you search for “yiwu market map”, you would probably find a map for all the markets in Yiwu, telling you where the timber market is, where the raw materials market is, where the home appliances market is…

Actually this is very misleading. I know for sure, in very rare cases, you’ll be interested in most of these markets.

For example, the home appliances market and digital products market outside of international trade city, they’re all mainly for local market. Timber market and raw material market, they’re ONLY for local factories.

So basically, you just need to find a map for the only main market in Yiwu – Yiwu international trade city. That’s enough. AND that map is coming below. You can easily download the full map at the bottom of this page.

Yiwu market map – Yiwu International trade city:

District 1:

yiwu market map international trade city d1
(Yiwu International Trade City D-1)

You can see clearly that artificial flowers & accessories, toys, jewelry, headwear, jewelry parts and accessories, X’mas decor, home decor, crafts, ceramics, crystals… are all inside District 1.

District 2:

yiwu market map international trade city d2
(Yiwu International Trade City D-2)

Packing bags, fashion bags, suitcases, electrical parts and fittings, locks, hardware, hardware parts & fittings, tools, small home appliances, kitchenware, clocks and watches, digital products, electronics … are all inside District 2.

District 3:

yiwu market map international trade city d3
(Yiwu International Trade City D-3)

Pens, paper articles, sunglasses, stationary, sports products, cosmetics & accessories, buttons & zippers, buckles and clothing accessories, combs and mirrors are all inside district 3.

District 4:

yiwu market map international trade city d4
(Yiwu International Trade City D-4)

District 4 is mainly of knitting products and fashion accessories.

District 5:

yiwu market map international trade city d5
(Yiwu International Trade City D-5)

District 4 is mainly beddings, fabrics, textile raw materials, auto accessories and some imported products.

Download a PDF version Yiwu market map:

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