Yiwu Huangyuan Clothes Market Is Bringing In New Vendors

Yiwu Huangyuan market started to bring in garment vendors from late November, 2011.

According to the notice from Yiwu government, this new Huangyuan market will be ONLY for clothes: Pajamas, leather garment, woolen sweaters, jeans, western trousers and suits, sportswear , shirts, men clothes, women clothes and kids clothes.

In history, Huangyuan market in Yiwu was famous for textile products. Now after 2 years rebuilt, this new market complex already finished. Soon next year, this brand new Huangyuan market will reopen.

The current vendors in Bingwang market will also be brought in. Many other top garment suppliers will also be brought in soon after Bingwang market vendors.

There will be mainly two types of shops – one of 320cm *450cm, one with half the size of it. Vendors will need to pay 3 year rent fee once, the rate is about 2,593 CNY/m2 per year.

So we can expect some time in 2010, Huangyuan clothes market will open. Buyers will also be able to source clothes just inside Yiwu.

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