Yiwu Market and Yiwu Fair Were Introduced On MACEF 2010

- Sep.23, 2010

*Source: "Yiwu Daily"

From 9 to 12 September, 2010 Fair exhibition will be held in Milan, Italy, which is the city following the Fair exhibition in Dubai, India Exhibition, Overseas Exhibition Fair on behalf of the co-founder of another international exhibition.

MACEF International Trade Fair by world-renowned exhibition giants - Milan International Exhibition Company founder, is Italy's most influential and comprehensive exhibition, second in size only consumer show in Frankfurt, Europe's largest comprehensive exposition of one.

Try to organize a delegation from, the development of Fair MACEF trip, marking the outside of Yiwu exhibition industry to further expand the exhibition area, from emerging markets to mature markets in Europe.

"MACEF International Trade Fair is the world's top gifts, stationery, desk ornaments, household goods, jewelry and Watch Fair." Mall Group, the exhibition company, according to the relevant person in charge, the current Fair "MACEF Exhibition Yiwu Small Commodity as a whole, the show appeared in the European high-end, "MACEF Fair Exhibition will be 'Discovery Yiwu' as the theme, to let more people find Yiwu, Yiwu products so that the world."

Forty years, Italy has developed into MACEF show a comprehensive exhibition, the most famous one is the Italian importers, wholesalers and retailers to grasp market conditions, understanding of international trends, an important channel for the product ordered countries, but also North Africa and other non-EU countries exporting enterprises to enter the European market, an important way.

It is reported that Italian MACEF spring and two exhibition. Spring Fair 2010, a total of more than 40 countries and regions from the more than 1,700 exhibitors, mainly from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa region, visitors are mostly importers, exporters, manufacturers and wholesalers.

"Our participation in the autumn exhibition, exhibitors and more than spring, exhibitors will reach 1800 companies." Mall Group, the exhibition company official said, and the other outside the show different is that the show mainly for overseas exhibitors. "Yiwu Pettitte this exhibition are leather goods, Sing crafts, new belts, and other eight companies Yee, 8 special decoration booth with a total area of 100 square meters."

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