Yiwu Market Address / Locations

Which Yiwu Market Address / Locations Are Useful?

If you go to Google and have a search for Yiwu market address/locations, you will find a bunch of sites following telling / showing you where Yiwu markets are. Be aware, most of these addresses are not useful to you at all.

In fact, among a dozen of different markets in Yiwu, there are only 3 that you will probably visit: Yiwu International Trade Center and International Material & Equipment Market, Huangyuan Garments market

#1 Yiwu International Trade City (Futian Market)/国际商贸城

Location: Chouzhou North Rd. / 稠州北路.

In fact, you don't need the address of Yiwu market. Everybody in Yiwu knows this place. This is just like everyone in New York knows where The Times Square is and everyone in London know where the big clock is. (Not sure if this a good example as i personally never been there)

What you need to know is the Chinese name, which is 国际商贸城. You just show everyone and they will tell you the direction.

#2 Yiwu Huangyuan Garments Market/篁园服装市场

Location in Chinese: 江滨北路和篁园路交叉口.

Huangyuan market actually has a longer history than Yiwu main market-Yiwu International Trade City. Although this market was rebuilt into a garments market, still most of Yiwu people know where it is - at the corner of Jiangbin Bei RD. and Huangyuan Rd.

#3 International Production Material & Equipment Market / 国际生产资料市场

Location: Xuefeng Xi Rd. /雪峰西路和环城西路交叉口

This is market for raw material, machines and equipment. Total about 800 showrooms.

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