Yiwu Market Open & Close Time

  • Yiwu market  opens at weekends.
  • Yiwu market  opens on all public holidays except Chinese New Year holiday (Spring Festival).
  • Holiday and weekends do affect its supplier open rate.
  • Generally, You can visit Yiwu market from 9am to 5pm, Everyday.

Public holidays in 2024 that may affect Yiwu market open rate:

Yiwu market public holidays open and Close dates in year 2024Yiwu market public holidays open and Close dates in year 2024

>> May Labor Day holiday 2024 Yiwu market open and close rate.

>> Qingming festival holiday 2024 Yiwu market open and close report.

Yiwu market close time for CNY(Chinese New Year holiday) 2024:

*The official closing time for 2024 Chinese New Year holiday (CNY holiday) is from Feb. 05 afternoon to 10am, Feb. 21, 2024.

However, visitors need to avoid coming from Jan.22 to  Feb.26 when most of vendors can be closed.

Generally speaking. The market is not working properly 2 weeks before CNY holiday, plus 2 weeks after CNY holiday. If you plan to stay one week. You'd better come 3 weeks before CNY holiday, and 3 weeks after CNY holiday.

2024 CNY (Chinese New Year) Holiday Yiwu Market Close Date Notice, In Chinese2024 CNY (Chinese New Year) Holiday Yiwu Market Close Date Notice, In Chinese

Yiwu Market Close Info During Covid Pandemic:

When Yiwu Market Will Open (after Coronavirus)?

- Updated on Feb.21, 2020

Yiwu Market District 1 & 2 Opened. >>Here are more details

- Updated on Feb 18, 2020.

Yiwu Market District 1 & 2 Will Be Open On Feb.18 after Coronavirus Breakout. >>Here are more details

- Updated on Feb 14, 2020.

Yiwu Market Started Procedure to Open after Coronavirus Breakout. >>Here are more details

- Updated on Feb 09, 2020.

To control Corona virus spread,  local government decided to delay market opening to AFTER FEB.21, 2020. >> Here are more details

- Update on Jan. 26, 2020. 

General Tips:

1. Don't Come During Chinese New Year

Yiwu market ONLY FULLY CLOSE at Chinese Spring Festival, or known as Chinese New Year.

The coming Spring Festival/Chinese New Year close / half close time will be from Jan.28, 2020 to Feb.28, 2021It is either finish everything one week before The Spring Festival or come two weeks after The Spring Festival. Don't come during this time.

Whole China doesn't work much in this month. People either don’t have enough time to take care of you because they’re too busy or they are still on the holiday. 

2. Better Avoid Public Holidays

Take a past Tomb Sweeping Day for example:

Our guides visited the market different sections right on Tomb Sweeping Day (Apr.04, 2017) in the morning.

Jewelry , toys: about 50% close down.

Bags, cases, luggage area: about 70% close down.

Scarf, caps, socks: over 80% close down.

Bedding, fabrics section, almost 100% close down.

In afternoon, the whole market almost not working. 

So, must avoid pubic holiday.Esp. right on that day. The few days before or after are not normal. Market still open.

For above Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is 3 days (Apr.02, 03, 04). But Apr.02 and Apr. 03 market works basically all right, but Apr.03 afternoon , Apr.04 market almost closed.

Previous Yiwu Market Open & Close Time Information:

May 2012 Updates:

Don't Go Earlier Than 09:30 during Weekends and Public Holidays

As people are getting richer and business is going slower, besides, many of the shop owners have kids. Kids don’t' go to school at weekends and public holidays, so these shop owners have to get their kids dressed, feed and bring them to market.

SO a good time for visitors to leave their hotel at 09:30, get to the market at 09:45 or 10:00, then most of the shops are open.

A late morning for everyone :) 

Oct.2011 Updates:

According our guides, on the first day of National Holiday 2011(Oct.01), over half of the street market shops closed. Even in the main market - Yiwu International Trade City, about 20-30% showrooms are either fully closed, or half-day-closed on Oct. 01.

According to the notice on booth doors, this situation will not likely to change on the first 3 days of National Day Holiday. That means buyers will certainly miss over 20% of suppliers on the first 3 days of National Day Holiday - from Oct.01 to Oct.03, 2011.

Hope this when Yiwu market close helps.

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