Yiwu Market Offers

What Products Does Yiwu Market Offer?

Yiwu market really offers a WIDE range of products.

Jewelry, home decor items(not furniture really), toys, small home appliances, electronics and electrical products, hardware and tools, bags and suitcases, watches and sunglasses, belts, office and stationary products, cosmetics, textile and garments parts and accessories, textile products(socks, gloves, ties, caps, scarves, bedding, not clothes really), daily necessities including plastic containers, clothes hangers, mobs and brooms...

Yiwu market has another name "Supermarket For Worldwide Buyers"

What Products Yiwu Market Offers The Most?

According to the history, showroom scale and supplying ability, fashion accessories and small home decor items (not big furniture) are the most offered on Yiwu market.

Esp. fashion accessories, Yiwu marker really offers a full line: fashion jewelry, head-wear, watches, sunglasses, hand bags, wallets, belts, scarves, caps, gloves, shoes, cosmetics and cosmetic accessories... Buyers can easily build up a full line for ladies.

Home decor. items include artificial flowers and plants, vases, photo frames and pictures, lamps, candles... and also small items like keyring and bags hangers. Buyers in this line will find Yiwu market offers rich variety and cheap prices.

What Products Yiwu Market Doesn't Really Offer?

Yiwu has a big modern furniture market. But from our experiences, this market is more for local market then overseas market. Furniture prices are not cheap because almost all suppliers are distributors, not manufacturers. So, Yiwu market is not really for big furniture.

Yiwu has a clothes market named "Huangyuan market" for clothes. However, as this market just opened in 2011. It's still at its very beginning stage. Suppliers in this market also sell retail to local people. We had several customers there, but found many of the suppliers even didn't know the right sizes for European market and South Africa market... So, Yiwu market is not really for clothes, at least for now.

Yiwu market has a section for electronic products like mobile phones and cameras. But variety, price and quality are not attractive at all to overseas buyers, compared with other places like Shenzhen, Dongguan... So, Yiwu market is not really for electronic products

Machinery and heavy equipments does not exist on Yiwu market at all. After all, Yiwu market is for "small commodities"

* Hope this helps. Sorry for any typos above, as i really don't have time to go over again.

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