Demand of Cleaning Products in Yiwu Market Is Increasing

- Sep.13, 2010

*Source: "Yiwu Market Daily"

Yiwu Cleaning Products Market Tips:

Clean daily use health sector in four districts on the second floor International Trade City, the west side, a total of more than 560 the total number of commercial spaces, operating more than 650 subjects, 900 more than the number of market practitioners, the main business Jimao Dan, mop, dustpan, broom, toilet suction, cleaning brushes, window cleaning device, trash, clean the ball (steel ball), toilet paper, masks, cotton swab, etc.

The main products from Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Shaoxing and Yiwu local. Externally oriented industries, mainly exported to the Middle East and Africa, Europe and the United States also has relatively large market potential.

Aug., Yiwu Cleaning Products Market Is Busy:

- Mops, brooms, garbage cans, demand for commodities to upgrade. With the improvement of quality of life, people use daily necessities has a new pursuit, in addition to materials, light, good quality, the products look nice and feature set as the main selling points, such as mops, brooms, garbage cans and other packages is Selling Well.

- Routine health-care products rise. Daily paper supplies more and more wide range of applications, in particular tissues, product sales growth rate several times a year; now more and more people come to realize the importance of nursing, a small wound care supplies Application of surface augmentation, embodied in a cotton swab and posted sales increases on the wound.

- Aromatic products stand out in the industry. Aromatic products had only cleaning and detergent products in the categories, and now has become the dominant type of commodity. With the improvement of living goods, people desire to enhance the enjoyment of, this corresponds to the aromatic supplies category sales continue to grow.

Market is the most honest reflection of the mood change, car and room fragrance products development and sales of fast zoom, toilet cleaning supplies and some cleaning and disinfection products launched in the same aromatic goods in style and sales increase, which indicate that the aromatic supplies the development of non-stop.

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