Yiwu international trade city free shuttle

One problem of Yiwu International Trade City is that it’s "just too big". It takes a good forty minutes to walk from district one to district four. This could be a real challenge when you are already with two tired legs after a good browsing.

Now things become easier as there are around 10 free buses goes around the trade city from 08:30 to 16:00 each day.

Yiwu trade city free bus
yiwu trade city free bus

Line 1 and line 3 both go around south gate of district four<-> west gate of district one, at a 10 minutes interval.

Line 3 is a non-stop one, you cannot stop it in the middle, while line 1 is a wave-and-stop so you can stop it whenever you see it.

This would be extremely helpful if you buy socks, ties, scarves, hats, shoes, daily consumables in district four, and jewelry, toys, crafts, artificial flowers in district one in the same day.

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