Yiwu Electronics Market

  • Products: flash lights,memory sticks, mp3, psp, usb fan, cameras, SD cards, phones, dvd players, earphones, speakers, mobile cases, batteries, calculators...
  • Scale: about 500 suppliers.
  • Location: F3 and F4, D2, Yiwu International Trade City.
  • Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.

yiwu electronics market

Yiwu Electronics Market Overview:

Yiwu actually just has less than 300 manufacturers for electronics. It's not like Shenzhen, a city full of electronics. If you're just for electronics, Yiwu is not a right place for you. You need to go to Shenzhen, but if you're also looking for something else, then you can consider coming to Yiwu.

The products in Yiwu electronics market are mostly not produced in Yiwu. They're from Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Ningbo. Most of the vendors here distributors and representative offices.

However, Yiwu is GOOD for small cheap new things, or we say accessories. Like silicone mobile cases, ipod case, iphone case, ipad case, blackberry cases... and the suppliers here are very fast with new designs.

Yiwu Electronics Market Variety and Prices:

The variety here is really good: flash lights, memory sticks, mp3, psp, usb fans, cameras, SD cards, phones, dvd players, earphones, speakers, mobile cases, batteries, calculators... mixed and assorted.

mobile cases wholesale in Yiwu market
mobile cases wholesale yiwu china

usb cameras wholesale in Yiwu market
usb cameras wholesale yiwu china
about 39.00CNY/pc

innovative usb flash disk wholesale in Yiwu market
innovative usb flash disk wholesale
These are just skins. You need to tell the supplier how many GB you want. They just put the disk inside accordingly

earphones wholesale in Yiwu market
earphones wholesale yiwu china
about 12.00CNY/pc

flash lights wholesale in Yiwu market
flash lights wholesale yiwu china

calculators wholesale in Yiwu market
calculator wholesale yiwu china

telescope wholesale in Yiwu market
telescope wholesale yiwu china

telephones wholesale in Yiwu market
telephones wholesale yiwu china

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Yiwu Market News:

14 Nov. 2011:
Yiwu Market Turnover Reached 1,500 million USD in Q3 2011

02 Oct. 2011:
Over 20% Shops Close or Half-close from Oct.01 to Oct.03, 2011

23 Sep. 2011:
Yiwu Market Is Becoming Busy

20 Aug. 2011:
Yiwu Binwang Market is EMPTY now!

24 Apr. 2011:
Canada Mart in Yiwu Market Opened on Apr. 20, 2011.

17 Apr. 2011:
District 5 of Yiwu International Commodity City Will Begin Trial Operation On May. 18, 2011.

23 Mar. 2011:
Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market Is Upcoming.

18 Feb. 2011:
Yiwu Market Is Fully Opened Now After 2011 Chinese New Year.

01 Feb. 2011:
Yiwu International Trade Center D5 Recruit Plan .

08 Jan. 2011:
Yiwu International Trade Center & Bingwang Market 2010 Annual Turnover Reached 45.6 Billion Yuan .

26 Dec. 2010:
International Trade City District 5 Is Recruiting New Vendors.

20 Dec. 2010:
Yiwu Huangyuan Clothes Market Is Bringing In New Vendors.

20 Oct. 2010:
Free Link Shuttles around International Trade City Has 6 More Stops.

05 Oct. 2010:
Yiwu Factories Are Asking For Longer Lead Time Due to Lack of Labor and Power.

23 Sep. 2010:
Yiwu Market and Yiwu Fair Were Introduced On MACEF 2010.

17 Sep. 2010:
Currency Exchange Rate Only Has Limited Negative Impacts On Chinese Exports.

13 Sep. 2010:
Demand of Cleaning Products in Yiwu Market Is Increasing.

07 Sep. 2010:
Watches and Clocks Are Still Selling Fast in This Holiday Season.

08 Mar. 2010:
Yiwu Market Prices May Rise!

28 Feb. 2010:
Yiwu Market Is Fully Opened Now!

02 Jan. 2010:
2009 Yiwu International Trade City Turnover Hit Another Record of 6 Billion USD.

28 Dec. 2009:
2010 Spring Festival holiday is from 13th, Feb. 2010 to 21st, Feb. 2010.

24 Sep. 2009:
Free shuttles go around Yiwu international trade city everyday.

8 Aug. 2009:
Yiwu Market Shows Recovery