Yiwu Weather

Yiwu Weather In General:

Yiwu has a weather similar to London, Paris, Koeln, Maastricht, Geneva, and New York. Very much like Las Vegas and Tokyo. Warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and cold winter.

Spring: Mar.-Apr. Temperature: 10C/50H-25C/77H. If you go to Yiwu in this time, sweaters, suits and shirts would be enough.

Summer: Jun.-Aug. Temperature: 25C/77H-35C/95H. It rains a lot in June, day in and day out. Shorts, thin shirts, skirts would be ideal. Sun glasses, sun-creams would be a plus.

Autumn: Sep.-Nov. Temperature: 10C/50H-25C/77H. Any clothes you wear with this temperature.

Winter: Dec.-Feb. Temperature: 0C/32H-10C/50H. Winter clothes like thick coat, warm socks, gloves... anything that can keep you from cold.

Accurate Yiwu Weather Now & 10-Days:

Here I use Hangzhou, instead of Yiwu in below chart. Because Hangzhou is very close to Yiwu and the weather info there is much accurate.

You can click on the 10-day link in below picture for a 10-day Yiwu weather forecast(this will open a new window).

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