Yiwu Is Protecting Intellectual Property

-Sep.22, 2011 by Yiwu-Market-Guide.com

Yiwu is starting a new program this month to protect intellectual property, to be one of the best China cities to protect intellectual property. This program will last one year.

Another aim of this program is, of course, to establish a good international image of respecting and protecting intellectual property.

Copyright, trademarks, patent are among the 3 top protected intellectual properties in this program. Tradeshows, logistics places, customs, and online business are the major area on the watch list.

Books, videos, software, handbags, cosmetics, toys, sports products, garments, shoes… are the major categories to be watched and inspected. Several major cases will be selected to pay special attention to.

Yiwu now already has 6 organizations and sub-programs, including Intellectual property training lessons to the stall owners, to protect intellectual property.

A lot of government bureaus, including Science & Technology Bureau, Industrial & Commercial Bureau, News & Broadcast Bureau, Quality Inspection Bureau, Police, and Customs… are already involved in this program to form a joint force.

According to Yiwu Industrial & Commercial Bureau, another program early this year aiming at Intellectual Property violation in cartoon & toys was very successful. 40 violations had been put to court.

Yiwu is hoping to become one of the best China cities with Intellectual Property protection in the coming 3 years. This can also prompt Yiwu's image globally.

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