Low Temperature Affects Yiwu Electricity Power Supply

08 Jan. 2011

Yiwu already had 4 snows this winter, four times more than usual. Yiwu temperature dropped to below freezing point, which made this winter the coldest in recent 5 years Yiwu temperature history.

Affected by weather conditions, Yiwu is experiencing a power supply shortage now. To ensure safe and stable operation of power grid, Zhejiang Electric Power Company Limited issued an emergency new program. Yiwu city also started the temporary emergency restrictions on electricity program to ensure both citizens and factories can have sufficient power supply.

On 8th January morning, Yiwu over passed load limit by 70,000 kilowatts electricity. Yiwu only can use 890,000 kilowatts maxima. At the same period, Yiwu is consuming over 95 million kilowatts.

Power shortage is mainly out of two reasons: First, after energy saving 2010, all factories begun full capacity production immediately, which increased industrial electricity load. Second, as low temperatures, more and more houses are turning on air conditioners for longer time.

Yiwu city yesterday launched an urgent temporary power rationing scheme: the user presses the town street by the city during peak hours (8:00-17:00) turns off-peak electricity, to encourage the city's industrial enterprises in the low hours (22:00 - 8:00 the next day) of electricity. Among them, 5 January of the area is thick power rationing in Jiangsu, temple, Chian; January 6 power area is the limit Su River, Niansanli; January 7 area is the limit power dense city, Beiyuan, after the house , Jiangdong; January 8 power region is defined limit Pavilion, on the River, west of the city, large CHEN; January 9 in the area is thick power rationing in Jiangsu, temple, Chian; January 10 area is the limit power Suxi , Niansanli; January 11 of the limited power area is crowded city, Beiyuan, Houzhai, Jiangdong.

City officials said the electricity sector-related, power grids blackout periods of power shortage may result in uncertainty over time. So far, Yiwu city has limited the 33 sub-lines of 10 million kilowatts, mainly affected Yi Ting, Shangxi, Chengxi and Dachen.

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