Air China Flies from Beijing to Yiwu Directly

- Sep.13, 2011 by

Air China flies from Beijing to Yiwu directly after Sep.02, 2011.

According to Yiwu Civil Aviation, there is one flight between Yiwu and Beijing on each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Fly out of Being at 07:45, arrive in Yiwu at 09:45. Then fly out of Yiwu at 10:45, arrive in Beijing at 13:05.

Boeing 737-800 is flying this route.

PLUS one flight each day(except Monday) between Yiwu and Beijing by China Southern airlines, visitors can have more options. This will greatly make the fly easier.

For example, visitors now can arrive in Yiwu in the morning instead of arriving in the VERY early morning as before - 0:30 in midnight.

Tips For Visitors:

Southern China Airlines has one flight each day (except Monday) from Beijing to Yiwu: leaves Beijing at 22:00, arrives in Yiwu at 0:30(next day). This flight then flies from Yiwu at 19:00, arrives in Beijing at 21:35.

In brief, there will be:

2 flights on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

1 flight on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sunday no flights.

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