Yiwu Becomes 10th Special Economic Zone in China

- by Cally from yiwu-market-guide.com

Yiwu city which rely on the small family factories to produce and sell cheap commodity to become rich, has been approved as the tenth special economic zone in China. Nowadays yiwu city has become the biggest export base of commodity and important trading window in China.

However, with the profound change and adjustment of international economic situation, the problems of tradition trade ways, restriction of management system, and weakness of support system have become incersingly serious.

According to the plan, Yiwu would undertake 9 main missions which include building new tade mode, optimizing the structure of export commodity, strengthening the construction of yiwu market, exploring new ways of circulation, promoting upgrade of the industry transition, acceletating the pace of “going out”, dealing with the international trading frictionand barriers and so on.

What's "special economic zone"?

The special zone which carry out special economic management system and special policy, use preferential measures such tax cut and provide good base installation to attract foreign investment and boost export.

Some other the special economic zones in China:

Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen, Hainan province.

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