Labor Shortage after Chinese New Year

-By Jack Yang

Situation continues... exactly same as last year, almost all Yiwu factories are facing labor shortages after Chinese New Year holiday.

Today i visited one paper notebooks factory in one of Yiwu industry zones. Once i entered the factory zone, recruitment ads showed up in front of almost every factory.

(recruitment ads on street lamp post)

(recruitment desks at gate of a Yiwu factory)

(chalk written recruitment notice at gate of a Yiwu factory)

(recruitment notice on red paper at gate of a Yiwu factory)

(printed recruitment ads at gate of a big factory in Yiwu)

(attracting recruitment ads at gate of a big socks factory in Yiwu)

(big recruitment banners in front of a Yiwu factory)

Why Labor Shortage?

The most important reason is "one-child-policy".

Our grandparents usually give birth to six to eight kids. That's our parents generation. But our parents generation are now stepping into their fifties or sixties. For our parents, most of them only have one child. That means workers numbers are reducing from six or eight to one!

Tips For Buyer:

As always, some skilled workers will not come back to work. Factories have to employ new workers. These green hands need to be trained to become skillful. Obviously, this takes time.

Also because of short of labor, some factories just pack up products without final QC before shipping out.

Buyers should pay extra attention for QA/QC while they are collecting orders at this time.

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