Yiwu Manufactures Attended 63 World Top Exhibitions in 2010

14 Jan. 2011

In March 2010, Chicago International Home & Houseware Exhibition helped Yingjia Daily Commodity, a Yiwu company, successfully sold their mats to the fourth largest distributor in this industry.

In June, Oukazi Cosmetics Co., Ltd, another Yiwu company, attended the exhibition in Dubai Beauty, which specialized in middle and high line, introduced their products to Middle East.

In August, via Brazil Saint Paul International Home & Housewares and Gifts Exhibition, “Integrity Ribbon”, a Yiwu ribbon company discovered “a gold mine” in South America, according to its general manager, Mr. Niu De Jun.

Participating in overseas exhibitions, especially internationally well-known exhibitions, has become an important way for Yiwu enterprises enter global market.

Steps to find business opportunities around the world:

In the past the year 2010, the financial crisis is not completely disappeared. The global economy was still a concern. On the contrary, almost all famous exhibition around the world you can see Yiwu businessmen.

In the process of going abroad, some of yiwu merchants consolidate their clients and develop new clients. Some dig up needs and situation of the traditional market. Some innovatively open up new commercial opportunities.

According to statistics, in 2010, Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce organized a total of 409 times overseas exhibitions for yiwu enterprises, a total of 63 various exhibitions, and total booths reached 625.

The 63 exhibition has almost covered European and American, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other markets around the world, covering all industries. Most of which are the world's strongest level of professional exhibitions.

For example, Frankfurt International Christmas Gift and office supplies and beauty salon supplies Exhibition in German, Las Vegas Fashion Show in the US, Bologna International beauty exhibition in Italy, Hong Kong MEGASHOW Phase II.

Compared with year 2009, the number of exhibition Yiwu enterprises attended increased 65.8%, and the number of booth increased 37.1%. The quantity of foreign trade contract that enterprises obtained through exhibitions greatly increased compared with year 2009.

Exhibitions of European and US High-grade market are still main destinations for Yiwu enterprises to exhibit in year 2010.

Last year, the city's enterprises participated in almost 40 exhibitions which majored in European and American buyers. With the increasing of fierce international competition day by day, in addition to continue to seize the traditional markets of Europe and US.

Last year Yiwu enterprises were also actively developing business in Russia, Central and South America and other emerging markets, and achieved good exhibition effects.

In Panama 28th International Trade Fair, the first exhibition of Yiwu Extreme Carpet Co., Ltd. received an order of a container on their first day of the exhibition.

Meanwhile, jewelry, general merchandise, sporting goods and other products brought by Yiwu Jinyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd are quite popular among buyers.

Getting orders was the only motivation for these companies to attend trade fairs before. But now some companies also take these opportunities to do market research.

Via these international trade shows, “made in Yiwu” is making its voice heard among more and more overseas markets.

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