Yiwu GDP Reached to 27.24 Billion CNY(4 Billion USD) after Q2, 2010.

-September 23, 2010. Source: Yiwu Daily

The first half of this year, Yiwu industrial output value reached 48.25 billion yuan, increased 15.5%. An increase over last year increased 15.2 percent, including the completion of large-scale industrial enterprises reached 24.71 billion yuan output value, up 20.4%.

In the tertiary industry, Yiwu City, the monthly fixed-asset investment was likely to accelerate completion of investment in fixed assets 7.32 billion yuan, up 22.2%, which limit investment in fixed assets accumulated more than 6.82 billion yuan, up 25.3% growth over the corresponding period of 19.3 percent, 11.2 percentage points than the first quarter speed.

Yiwu City, the total import and export 1.35 billion U.S. dollars, up 34.5%, European and American market was the main export market. However, the financial crisis in Asia, Africa, South America and other emerging market demand is obvious, of which exports to Brazil rose 86.8%.

To 6 at the end, Yiwu city deposits 144.62 billion yuan of financial institutions, financial institutions, loans 100 000 000 000 mark for the first break, reaching 100.51 billion yuan.

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