Yiwu Taxi Guide

Tell Driver Your Destinations:

*Please take me to:

商贸城/Yiwu International Trade City(the main market)

篁园市场/Huangyuan Garments Market

义乌飞机场/Yiwu Airport

杭州萧山飞机场/Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

义乌火车站/Yiwu Train Station

义乌宾王客运站/Yiwu Binwang Bus Station

义乌江东客运站/Yiwu Jiangdong Bus Station

义乌南方联客运站/Yiwu Nanfanglian Bus Station

宾王邮局(稠州北路 458号 宾王邮局 )/ Yiwu Postal Office


义乌三挺路夜市/Yiwu Night Market



必胜客批萨/Pizza hut

棒约翰批萨/Papa John's


请打表!/Pls. put on the meter.(many taxis don't use meter if you don't ask)

请不要拼载!/Please i don't want to share a taxi with others.(Yiwu Taxis can keep bringing passengers if you don't ask)

请先把我送到, 我赶时间!/Please drop off me first. I'm in a hurry. (if someone shares a taxi and you're in a hurry)

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