Yiwu Bus Stations / Yiwu Coach Terminals

Yiwu Has Busy Bus Infrastructure:

Yiwu is a trading city. As trading in Yiwu markets boosts, Yiwu transportation business also boosts. Compare to Yiwu city size, Yiwu has the most developed bus routes in China.

Buses from Yiwu can travel to as more as nine provinces in China - as north to Shenyang, the vey north part of China, as south as to Guangzdong, the very south part of China.

Yiwu has 3 bus stations / coach terminals in use:

Guo Jin Shang Mao Cheng Bus Station (Formally Bin Wang Ke Yun Zhong Xin )

Yiwu Guo Jin Shang Mao Cheng Bus Station/义乌国际商贸城客运站Yiwu Guo Jin Shang Mao Cheng Bus Station/义乌国际商贸城客运站

It's located next to international trade city, locally called Futian market.

This new station was put to use at end of January, 2015.

Hotels like Yiwu International Mansion, Yiwu Yindu Hotel, Yiwu Hotel, Yihe hotel, are NO LONGER close to this bus station. Instead, some small good hotels near Yiwu market can be a good option.

For 4-5 star hotels, Yiwu Yourworld International Conference Centre, Yiwu Best Western Ocean hotel, Yiwu Marriott hotel, Yiwu Sanding new century  plaza hotel, are within 10mins taxi.

* Below is old Bingwang Bus Station. Not in use anymore.

Yiwu Bingwang Bus Station/义乌宾王客运站Yiwu Bingwang Bus Station/义乌宾王客运站

Jiangdong Bus Station (江东客运站 )

mainly for Zhejiang cities located to the south of Yiwu.

Destinations: Wenzhou, Lishui, Taizhou, Dongyang, Yongkang

Add: 482 Jiangdong Zhonglu, Yiwu (江东中路482号)

Enquiries: 0579-96233, 0579-85131022

South Passenger Station/Nan Fang Lian (南方联客运站)

mainly for Zhejiang province cities located to the west of Yiwu.

Destinations: Jinhua, Quzhou, Lanxi, Wuxi and some parts of Zhejiang Province

Add: 80 Chouzhou Xilu, Yiwu (稠州西路80号)

Enquires: 0579-96233, 0579-85123069

Bus Tickets:

In most cases, you will have to go to different bus stations personally to buy tickets. Your hotel usually can help you with bus tickets too.

0579 96233 is a help line for updated information of bus schedule. 

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