Yiwu Market Delayed Opening Because of Corona Virus

Beijing time Jan.26, 2020. Yiwu major signed a notice to delay opening of all markets in Yiwu to AFTER FEBRUARY 21.

If you have/are planing  a trip to Yiwu market in February (right after Chinese New Year holiday), you may need to change it to a later date. So far, end of February can be a good timing.

It's predictable that production lead time this year will be longer than usual, probably delay by 20 days. So for urgent orders, your agent may already contacted you to work on them in advance. (we still don't know how but there should be a way ahead of others)

Everything should go back to normal in March, because China has a very strong governmental system to control this type of virus after SARS outbreak in 2003. They are also very strong at handling extreme cases.

YMG(Yiwu-Market-Guide.com) will keep you posted of the latest situation. Thank you!

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