Yiwu Market Started Procedure to Open after Coronavirus Breakout

According to a notice on Feb.07 by CCC Group(China Commodity City Group, the company who runs Yiwu market), Yiwu market allows certain suppliers (booth, shops, stores, showrooms inside Yiwu market) return Yiwu in advance, to get ready for market opening on Feb.21.

Yiwu Market Started Procedure to Open after Coronavirus BreakoutYiwu Market Started Procedure to Open after Coronavirus Breakout

The notice says:

Based on the situation that Yiwu has ZERO new patient cases on Feb.05 and Feb.06,  Yiwu market started a procedure to allow certain market suppliers to return Yiwu in advance to get ready for market open on Feb.21. 

Suppliers from all areas except Hubei province, Wenzhou city, Taizhou city (these 3 areas has the most coronavirus cases in China) are allowed to return first.

However, theses suppliers need to apply approval from CCC group by submitting an online report through an App, to tell CCC group their health situation and their recent activities that may cause virus infection. They also need to have a 14-day-medical-isolation-and-watch before they can move around.

YMG predicts that Yiwu market will be open on Feb.21, but will not be fully in operation before 1st week of March. Buyers visit is not suggested before middle of March.


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