When Yiwu Market Open?

Public holidays in 2024 that may affect Yiwu market open rate:

Holiday Name

Holiday Date

Avoid Date





Labor Day

May 01-05

May 01-May 02

Duanwu Festival



Moon Festival



National Day



Chinese New Year 2024 (CNY holiday) open and closing info:

Due to CNY (Chinese New Year) holiday 2024, Yiwu market will be officially closed from Feb.05 afternoon to Feb. 20, 2024 - for 2 weeks.

However, this market is usually not working full 2 week before CNY and 2 weeks after CNY. Which means you need to come 3 weeks in advance or 2 weeks after, if you plan to stay for one week.

This upcoming CNY holiday is Feb.10, 2024. So you need to come 3 weeks before that and 2 weeks after that. For better results, you may consider to come 3 weeks before this date, or 3 weeks after this date.

*Here is a detailed report from us for when Yiwu market open, and how many are open after Chinese New Year Holiday 2024.

For certain public holidays, the market also not working full. Please contact us for confirm. We can help with trip planning, hotels, transportation, market guide / agent etc.

Yiwu market open Info during Covid Pandemic:

When Yiwu Market Will Open (after Coronavirus)?

- Updated on Feb.21, 2020

Yiwu Market District 1 & 2 Opened. >>Here are more details

- Updated on Feb 18, 2020.

Yiwu Market District 1 & 2 Will Be Open On Feb.18 after Coronavirus Breakout. >>Here are more details

- Updated on Feb 14, 2020.

Yiwu Market Started Procedure to Open after Coronavirus Breakout. >>Here are more details

- Updated on Feb 09, 2020.

- Updated on Jan 26, 2020.

Yiwu market delayed open after CNY holiday  to AFTER FEB.21, 2020 because of Corona virus. >>Here are more details.

Pervious Yiwu Market Open Time Daily:

yiwu futian market (international trade mart) open close time districtsYiwu Futian Market (international trade mart) open and close time different districts

9am - 5:30pm, except public holiday & CNY holiday.

Different districts and section also varies:

District 1 (flowers&plants, toys, jewelry, home decor.): 9am - 5:30pm (6pm in summer).

District 1 est. (jewelry parts, jewelry, hair pieces): 9am - 6pm.

District 2 (umbrella, bags, luggage, hardware & tools, electrical & electronics, watches & clocks, bikes & scooters ): 9am - 5:30pm (6pm in summer).

District 3(office & stationary, paper products, cosmetics & beauty, zippers, buttons, garment accessories, sunglasses, sports ): 9:00am - 5pm (5:30pm in summer). 

District 4 (household products, textile products),  9am - 5:30pm (6pm in summer).

District 5 (bedding, fabrics, hotel supplies & ceramics & glassware,  pet products, dollar items, auto & motorcycle accessories & parts): 9am - 5:30pm .

For weekends, above timing can be delayed by 30 minutes. Chinese people also get up late at weekends now ;)

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