Travel from HK to Yiwu

-Updated Jun.09, 2015.

Fly to Yiwu Directly:

1 direct flights between HK and Yiwu on each Tue, Thu, Sat.  

Total time: 2 hrs.

Here is more info of flights from HK to Yiwu.

Fly to Hangzhou, then go to Yiwu:

There are many flights between HK and Hangzhou daily. 

After arriving Hangzhou, you can take a bus /  car / taxi to Yiwu.

Total time cost: 2 hrs flight +  1.5 hrs bus/car/taxi + 1hr possible transaction = minimum 4.5hrs.

Here is more info for travel from Hangzhou airport(HGH) to Yiwu.

Yiwu Taxi Tips:

Share a taxi with others is usual in Yiwu, but ONLY under passengers' permission.  Passengers can refuse to pay if it's not under their permission.

* Always insist putting on meter and ask for receipt(发票, reads "Far, P-ee-or ") before paying fare. 

Go To Other Cities First, Then Yiwu:

If you need to stop over at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shantou... You can go to these cities first, then connect a flight to Yiwu from there.

Here are more related info.:

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