Lost Laptop / Mobile Phone / Wallet in Taxi / Car in Yiwu ? 

Do not go panic. This is still not the end of the world. Below steps may help you get back your lost belongings.

Step 1: Identity Your Taxi / Car Number 

You can identity your taxi / car number by below ways:

  • Check the receipt / slip your car/taxi gave you. (you may not have this for most of time)
  • Check the hotel camera. This usually works. At least you get the exact time of your arrival time.
  • Visit Yiwu Transportation Bureau to check GPS route map of your taxi with on and off time and locations. After figured out which taxi, visit the taxi company to check camera records inside taxi. *This only works for taxi. Not other cars. 
  • Check get on location camera(train station).

Step 2: Contact The Driver

  • For taxi, the taxi company can usually contact for you after the records shows clearly you left your belongs in that taxi. 
  • For other cars, you need to call police. The number changes from time to time, from our latest case, this number works: 8518 2567. Usually the driver will contact you shortly because the police has phone numbers of all cars.

Step 3: Talk With Driver

This part takes some skills.

If you're lucky enough and a driver is a good person, he can bring it back for you without charge. Naturally, you need to thank this good man for doing such a good thing by giving some money. The amount doesn't matter, because good man will be happy to do that for free. 

If the driver is not good enough, you need to guess what amount of money he needs and what amount of money you are willing to pay, then you offer a fee for him to bring it back to you.

Step 4: Get Back Your Belongings

Set up a time and location then wait there to get back your things, prepare some cash for tips.

Usually the good driver will come himself, but the not-so-good-driver usually send someone else to meet you, as he is afraid too. He may got beaten and sent to police for trying to take others' properties. 

Report to Police is The Last Option:

Usually police are too busy to handle these small cases.

Plus, they can not really help much.

Plus you may not have the time for sitting in police stations, which is not that nice.


  1. Always keep records of your taxi / car number.
  2. Get off at hotel front gate where usually have cameras.
  3. Put your expensive belongs always in front of you, on your lap.
  4. Don't rush.

We already helped 4 customers get back their wallets, laptops, mobiles phones back successfully. 100% get back rate. Hope luck is on your side too.

* Good luck. God bless you!

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