Travel from Guangzhou to Yiwu

-Updated Nov.13, 2018.


There are usually half a dozen flights between Guangzhou and Yiwu daily.

#1 Departure 08:05, Arrive 09:55, CZ3727. 

#2 Departure 10:40, Arrive 12:35, CZ3883. 

#3 Departure 13:45, Arrive 15:40, CZ3795 . 

#4 Departure 16:50, Arrive 18:45, CZ3309. 

#5 Departure 22:05, Arrive 23:55, CZ3886. 

Time: 1 hr, 40 mins

* For latest time, please double check with booking sites.

Cost is usually 100-200USD one way for economic class.


There are several fast trains come to Yiwu from Guangzhou:

  • G1304  Departure 13:24  Arrive 20:15
  • G1306  Departure 15:38  Arrive 21:42
  • G1404  Departure 15:56  Arrive 22:51

Total journey:  6-7 hrs.

* For latest time, please double check with booking sites.

Total cost about same as flight: 100-300USD for different classes.

Yiwu Taxi Tips:

Share a taxi with others is usual in Yiwu, but ONLY under passengers' permission.  Passengers can refuse to pay if it's not under their permission.

* Always insist putting on meter and ask for receipt(发票, reads "Far, P-ee-or ") before paying fare. 

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