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From Shanghai to Yiwu and From HK to Yiwu are mostly used by overseas visitors.

If you do not have to stay in Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, and it's easier for you to fly to Shanghai, then choose Shanghai-to-Yiwu way. It's much easier and cheaper to come to Yiwu from Shanghai.

If you also have some business in HK, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shantou. You can fly to HK or Guangzhou first, then travel to Yiwu after your business.

Go to Yiwu from Different Cities:

From Shanghai to Yiwu - Fresh Info About from Shanghai to Yiwu.

From HK to Yiwu - All possible ways from HK to Yiwu. Which one is yours?

From Guangzhou to Yiwu - Up-to-date info about from Guangzhou to Yiwu. By train/plane.

From Shenzhen to Yiwu - The info you need for making a trip to Yiwu from Shenzhen.

From Shantou to Yiwu - All useful info of travelling to Yiwu from Shantou.

From Beijing to Yiwu - Recommended ways for you to have a trip to Yiwu from Beijing.

From Hangzhou airport to Yiwu - Bus or train? How much? How long?

Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport, Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel

#1 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Airport to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 45 RMB - 65 RMB, according to your hotel location.

#2 Taxi Fees from Yiwu Yiwu Train Station to Yiwu City/Your Yiwu Hotel: 35 RMB - 55 RMB, according to your hotel location.

Hope this info would help you won't get too ripped off.

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