Things You Need to Know Before Renting A Warehouse in Yiwu, China

What's special about a Yiwu warehouse?

Yiwu is the best place in China to consolidate shipments for its unique location:

Yiwu location inside China for LogisticsYiwu location inside China for Logistics

It's estimated that over 90% of China manufacturers can transport their products to Yiwu within 48 hours, at the best possible freight cost.

Distance from Yiwu to Ningbo PortDistance from Yiwu to Ningbo Port
Distance from Yiwu to Shanghai PortDistance from Yiwu to Shanghai Port

It only takes 2 hrs 30 mins from Yiwu to Ningbo port, and 3 hrs 45 mins to Shanghai port. (Trucks / trailers do need more time as they are slower than cars).

Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port Volume 2023 Jan.-Oct (TEU)Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port Volume 2023 Jan.-Oct (TEU)

Ningbo port is the biggest cargo port worldwide.  Shanghai port is  the 2nd biggest port in China. They are estimated to handle totally, 45% of all China exports in volume. 

Railway from Yiwu to NingboRailway from Yiwu to Ningbo
Double stacked container trainDouble stacked container train

Besides multiple highways connecting Yiwu with Ningbo and Shanghai port, the newly built YONG-JIN-RAILWAY with double stacked container trains may push the carrying capacity from Yiwu to Ningbo port, to a new level.

massive Yiwu market in 6 districtsNewly added district 6(under construction) will make Yiwu market even bigger.

The massive Yiwu market moves products in and out of Yiwu at each second. Have a warehouse in Yiwu is a good option to grow business.

Yiwu is the best place in China to consolidate shipments for its unique customs operation:

Yiwu warehouseContainers lined to be sealed at Yiwu customs which is located right inside Yiwu port, a major warehouse in Yiwu for exporting.

Yiwu market, one of the very first free markets in China, established it's fame as being the world biggest market for decades,  bringing millions of small shipments from all over China, everyday. 

These shipments, of numerous types of products, were finally loaded into containers, through customs, then shipped overseas.

As a result, Yiwu customs grew to be the fastest customs in China to process mixed containers.  

How much does it cost to rent a warehouse in Yiwu?

Different warehouses in different locations cost differently:

  • Basement warehouse.
  • Residential & commercial area 1st floor warehouse.
  • Industrial factory zone warehouse.
  • Supply chain logistics park warehouse.

Basement warehouse:

basement warehouse yiwu ChinaA typical basement being used as warehouse in Yiwu, China

In many residential and commercial small districts  around Yiwu market,  all blocks are built with basements, and many of these basements are used as warehouses.

A typical basement can be 40 sqm * 3 = 120 sqm. In some cases, this can be 40 * 4 = 160 sqm, or 40 sqm *2 = 80 sqm, or 40 * 5 = 200 sqm.

Average cost is 250RMB/sqm/year(2024), which is about 35 USD/sqm/year.  So a typical basement of 120 sqm can cost 30,000 RMB per year, around 4,285 USD/year, excluding facilities like  convoy belt etc. * In remote areas, this rate can be cheaper. 

The disadvantages of basements are moisture, ventilation, and lighting.

Residential & commercial area 1st floor warehouse:

Residential commercial area 1st floor warehouse in Yiwu ChinaA typical 1st floor room used as warehouse in a residential & commercial area of Yiwu city, China.

In many of the residential and commercial areas close to Yiwu market,  the first floor rooms are used as warehouses.

A typical room is 30 sqm * 3 = 90 sqm. In some cases, this can be 120 sqm, 150 sqm, or 60 sqm.

Average cost is 666RMB/sqm/year(2024), which is about 95 USD/sqm/year.  So a room of 90 sqm can cost 60,000 RMB per year, around 8,570 USD/year. * In remote areas, this rate can be as low as 42 USD/sqm/year. 

Industrial factory zone warehouse:

Warehouse in Industrial Factory Area of Yiwu City, China.A warehouse in an industrial factory area of Yiwu City, China. Full of products.

The industrial clusters near Yiwu market have factory space can be rented for warehouse.

The floor space are usually from several hundreds SQMs to a few thousand SQMs.  

Average cost is 420RMB/sqm/year(2024), which is about 60 USD/sqm/year.  So a warehouse of 1,000 sqm can cost about 60,000 USD/year. 

Supply chain logistics park warehouse:

A warehouse in Yiwu port, a state own huge supply chain park of Yiwu city, China.A warehouse in Yiwu port, a state own huge supply chain park of Yiwu city, China.

The core areas close to Yiwu market , there are some logistics parks have lots of huge modern warehouses. These are professional warehouses owned by government, and usually managed by state-owned companies. 

The floor space can be from a few thousands SQMs to ten thousands of SQMs. 

Average cost is 630 RMB/sqm/year(2024), which is about 90 USD/sqm/year.  So a warehouse of 10,000 sqm can cost about 900,000 USD/year. 

Where to find a warehouse in Yiwu?

  • Small residential and commercial areas beside Yiwu market offer hundreds and thousands of small basement warehouse and 1st floor warehouse.
  • Factories zones in the nearby towns like He Ye Tang (荷叶塘), Bei Yuan(北苑), Yan San Li(廿三里), Su Xi (苏溪) etc. offer lots of factory space warehouse.
  • China goods warehouse(共享云仓) and its affiliated Huan Qiu Yi Da supply chain industrial park warehouse(环球义达供应链产业园), and Yiwu port warehouse(义乌港),  are the 3 professional  supply chain logistics park warehouses nearby Yiwu market. 
  • There are several other big logistics park warehouses in nearby towns like Yan San Li(廿三里) and Su Xi(苏溪) town, and a dozen more in the west part outside of Yiwu city(城西).

Things to consider before renting a warehouse in Yiwu:

  • If you want a close location to Yiwu market, and you don't need a lot of spaces, plus, you have no container loading or very few container loading, then consider the basement warehouse or the 1st floor warehouse in the residential and commercial areas close to Yiwu market.  These warehouses are private owned and flexible. There are plenty. 

*For the basement warehouse, you need to be aware of the moisture, ventilation, and lighting conditions.

  • If you want a close location to market, you have frequent container loading, plus you need bigger spaces over 1,000 SQMs, consider China goods shared warehouse, Huan Qiu Yi Da warehouse and Yiwu port warehouse. 

*But as these warehouses are state-owned, they require bidding before signing any contracts, you may not have the right opportunity for it for now. But you can work with the warehousing service providers or forwarders who are already there.

  • If location is not that important, you need warehouse for loading containers with a good floor space of multi-thousand-SQMs, then consider the factories zones in the nearby towns or the professional logistics industrial parks outside of Yiwu city.

*You also need to consider if you need to hiring warehouse staff and buying equipment.

At the starting age, working with a professional warehousing provider close to Yiwu market can be a good option. They often offer full facility plus management staff, can usually also offer value added services like inspection, labeling, packing etc.

*We offer storage and warehousing service in Yiwu too. Leave us a message below if you need.

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