Welcome to Visit Yiwu Market in 2024.
We are ready!

- Jan.15, 2024

After 4 years of struggling with Covid pandemic control restrictions, Yiwu market is fully open in 2024. 

Many of the businesses here are ready to welcome overseas visitors back, including YMG(Yiwu Market Guide), a brand that services visitors in Yiwu market since 2009.

"Hello, hello my name is Jack , Jack Yang. I work in Yiwu market as a guide.

The last four years was painful for us, because we had no visitors. However, we were not really dead.

On one hand, We struggled with helping our old customers buying from China without coming; On the other hand, we managed to build a new supporting business for e-sellers called PrepInChina. This new set up enables us to help online sellers too.

Luckily, the Covid was finally gone. Restrictions were removed. Some of our old customers already returned and a lot more new customers are on the way.

Now we can help them buy from China. No matter if they are selling off-line or online.

Our Warehouse is ready.
Our office is ready.
Our people are ready!

Welcome to visit us in 2024. We are back, ready!"

What did our first visitor in 2024 say about us?

"Jack's been great in helping me source and find the products I'm looking for. We are a medical supplies company and a medical provider in UK.

I met Jack on his website. He was very quick prompt and gave me a call. And helped me from getting to the airport, and to get into Yiwu, and was able to provide translation service.

Great team. They supported us the whole way through. We were able to speak to different suppliers. And they were able to source the products for us. And prep it for shipment. So thank you Jack for all your help!"

What did our 2nd visitor in 2024 say about us?

"hi my name is Tatiana. I am a new Amazon Seller. I came to Yiwu a few days ago, Jack and his assistant Min took me around the market, we found some great ideas."

"The best service I've ever had. If you do need an Yiwu Market agent, please give them a call. they'll take care of you. they are very helpful, very knowledgeable, professional. I just can't say enough good words about them. They've been in business since 2009 so they know business and Yiwu Market inside and out."

"It's a maze. it's big, it's very big. so knowing where to go, which vendors to contact, how to negotiate, and even take down the information correctly. The translator on your phone would not help unfortunately, but Jack and and his team are incredible at what they do". 

A Few Tips:

  1. Do NOT COME from Jan.27 to Feb.25 because of CNY (Chinese New Year) holiday.
  2. Contact us in advance to plan your trip including visa, flights, hotels, transportation, market guides / agents, suppliers match etc. , to make your trip productive.

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