What's the BEST way to visit Yiwu market?

The, Yiwu market is HUGE. Your business is unique. What’s the BEST way to visit Yiwu market?

Contact us, we will provide the best way that works for YOU.

We have helped hundreds of visitors, and bought hundreds of millions US$ of products from the Yiwu market, since 2009.

A:  Visit Yiwu market with a GOOD guide / agent

  • If your business is established. 
  • You know exactly what you need to buy. 
  • You come with a nice budget and specific goals.
  • You have a limited visit time. 

Then a professional, experienced, trusty  guide(agent), is the best option for you.

*Some of our guides/agents have more than 10 years of experience, and they are experts in certain categories. They can help your business grow to the next level.

B:  Visit Yiwu market on your own, but with support from a GOOD agent / guide

  • Your business is new.
  • You come to explore new opportunities or look for ideas.
  • Your budget is limited.
  • You have several days to visit. 

Then visit market on your own, but with a support service from a GOOD  agent company can be a good fit for you.

*We can meet you for 30 minutes when you arrive in your hotel. Show you around the market and help you understand how things work. Within one day, you can quickly learn how to visit the market on your own.

* Strong support: Yiwu market guide board & App:

We invented a tool, called the Yiwu market guide board, which can help you collect product information from the market efficiently.

Yiwu market guide boardA Yiwu market guide board, a white board with printed format to help visitors collect product information when they visit Yiwu market on their own.

We developed an app., called the Yiwu Market Guide app, with a full range of services, including market map, direction help, translation help, record & share, and live chat support hotline, all built in.

Yiwu Market Guide appYiwu Market Guide app free

With this support service, you are in control. We work as your support team behind, to get you the best results, at a minimum cost.

What’s more, we also can offer full solutions for transportation, accommodation, factory visits, SIM cards, money exchange, sightseeing, and almost everything you need during your stay in China.

What our visitors said about us in 2024 ?

"Great team. They supported us the whole way through".

"The best service I've ever had. I just can't say enough good words about them. They've been in business since 2009 so they know business and Yiwu Market inside and out."

"I had a wonderful experience with your company and your service. And Cally is being fantastic."

"Yiwu Jin Jack company, I've had an absolute fantastic experience. I would definitely recommend using this company".

"I used an agent that caused me some trouble. I came across Jin Jack company. The order came just as they said it would come. I'd advise anybody work with Jin-Jack .

I worked in the market on my own, it gives you more rooms to negotiate better prices. I use Google translate. I use translation App. I use the Jin-Jack App call Yiwu Market Guide app."

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