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Tourists Products in Yiwu, China

If you have a few stores along your beach, and you’re in retail business, Yiwu market would be a good option to supply your store. We have several customers in Spain and Canada are doing retail in their beachside stores. They’re very happy with their Yiwu sourcing trip.

Yiwu Tourists Products Variety

Yiwu market offers almost all what you need for tourists stores, in one place. This enables you to finish sourcing all what you need for a whole season within 4-7 days. You can buy jewelry from Yiwu jewelry market. Yiwu bags market offers you all possibilities to source bags, wallets and purses. You can also find your beach sandals inside Yiwu shoes market, beach umbrellas inside Yiwu umbrellas market. 3D iphone cases are available in Yiwu electronics market. And... you can even buy some swimming products inside Yiwu toys market.

Yiwu Tourists Products MOQ

As the shops, or we call them showrooms, here are only for wholesale business, so each product requires an MOQ unless they’re in stock.

For example, most jewelry suppliers ask for 10 dozens+ MOQ, most bags suppliers ask for 100+ pcs per design (usually 4 or 5 colors mixed) MOQ, sandals and scarves all have MOQ of above 100 pcs.

However, as here are so many suppliers, you can always find something in stock, or “floor stock”. There is usually no MOQ for stocks. You can simply pick up whatever you like. For stocks, suppliers always ask for quick delivery. They usually can’t keep stocks for you even you want to pay them deposits. They prefer sell stocks as fast as they can.

Yiwu Tourists Products Price

Yiwu offers the best price options in China, considering the MOQ you can get. You can get the lowest prices from big manufacturers via Canton fair, but you have to order bulky quantity from them. That’s how manufacturers work. They have to depend on quantity to bring down the cost.

Yiwu price strength is built on the fact that most of the factories supplying Yiwu market are quiet small. They’re very strong to control cost.

At the same time, Yiwu has a big group of small factories. This means they can save a lot sourcing and shipping cost. And Yiwu has a big wholesale market, this can further lower their marketing cost.

Tips of Buying Tourists Products from Yiwu

In most cases, retail business requires a small MOQ at first, then reorder if possible. This means they will be looking for many stocks available in Yiwu market.

As I mentioned above, for those who happens to have some stocks, they will prefer to sell as fast as they can. They are not willing to keep stocks for buyers even buyers are willing to pay them a deposit.

This means buyers will have to collect as soon as they can to buy stocks.

So buyers need to be very careful with selecting their agent. They must select an agent who has enough room to storage their stocks and can collect as soon as possible. This is the only way to secure stocks.

The agent has to have a warehouse and enough hands to proceed with collection. This will cost more for the agents, so buyers will also need to pay more for warehousing and handling in this way.

I would highly suggest buyers choose a small or medium sized agent that specialized in proceed with FCL and stocks. Big agents always have good interests with large size orders so they can have enough commission, because they charge a fixed commission rate.

Most small agents don’t have their own warehouse and enough personnel to handle the extra work. They usually have to arrange a fixed time to collect all orders. Obviously, they can’t secure all the stocks because suppliers just want to sell out stocks as fast as they can.

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