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- Jul.14, 2024

Are you in a home decor business or interested in importing home decor products from China, but do not know where to start?

Stopping looking further, here you will get an answer.

There is a place with over 2,000 suppliers specialized in this category, offering thousands of home decoration items of all kinds.

home decor in Yiwu market, peacockA peacock decor theme set up in one of the showrooms, in Yiwu home decor wholesale market. -Jun.10, 2024.

Follow our fresh guide Aniya for a fresh look at the home decor wholesale market in Yiwu, China. Products, prices, suppliers, design & style, order quantity...


Yiwu, located in Zhejiang Province, is home to the largest wholesale market in the world – the Yiwu International Trade City.

Home decor market mainly located in:

  • 1st, 3rd and 4th floor of district 1, Futian market,  including vase, wall art, picture frame, all kind of crafts and ornaments.
  • district 2 of Futian market, for lights and lamps.
  •  5F of district 3 in Futian market, for big pictures, paintings, photos and frames.
01_Home_decor_wholesale_market3rd Floor of District one in Futian market, is the main marketplace for home decor. Floor 1 and floor 4 of the same building also offers lots of home decorations.

If you also happen to be in the business related to picture frames, then this place is not to be missed.

02_A_picture_and_photo_frame_showroom_in_Zhaozhai_professional_industry_streetA picture and photo frame showroom in Zhaozhai professional industry street market.

Why wholesale home decorations from Yiwu?

Yiwu Wholesale Market stands out as a premier destination for home décor products. Here are the main reasons.

1. Diversity of varieties

Yiwu's home decoration exhibition area has a wide range of products, basically contains the vast majority of home decoration objects.

In terms of style, there is everything from traditional Chinese craftsmanship to modern minimalist design.

No matter which style or preference your market belongs to, you are sure to find a product that suits you.

14_home_decor_in_Yiwu_market_family_theme_statuesA home decor showroom store in Yiwu market has a family theme statues set on display. - Jul.10, 2024

2. Competitive prices

Due to the large size of the market, the supply chain is well established. There is full competition among suppliers, so the wholesale price of Yiwu market is very advantageous.

Purchasing in large quantities can get you better prices, making it an ideal place for wholesalers.

home decor in Yiwu market owls hootersA set of home decor in Yiwu market for owls /hooters. - Jul.10, 2024

3. Small order quantity

Most of the suppliers in Yiwu market carry the stock for sale.

This is especially friendly to novice buyers and small to medium sized buyers. Just need to meet the supplier's starting delivery criteria, some products can be ordered from one carton.

16_home_decor_wholesale_yiwu_market_China_yogaYoga home decor wholesale in Yiwu market, China. - Jul.10, 2024

4. Convenient Logistics & Export Agent Services

Yiwu has a favorable geographical location and a strong logistics network, which makes it easy to ship goods, both local and all over the world.

Whether by sea, air or rail, your home decor products can reach your warehouse smoothly and efficiently.

15_home_decor_wholesale_yiwu_market_China_dogDog and leopard home decor wholesale in Yiwu market, China. - Jul.10, 2024

What can be found in Yiwu home decor wholesale market?

In the previous section we gave a general overview of what goods are available in the Yiwu Home Decor Wholesale Market. Here let us expand to introduce.

Wall art

  • Wall paintings
  • Posters
  • Tapestries
  • Wall decals

The wall paintings, mainly on the 5th floor of district 3, other wall part in 3rd and 4th floor of phase 1.

03 A wall decor showroom store in Yiwu Futian market, China.A wall decor showroom store in Yiwu Futian market, China. - Jul.10, 2024

This supplier focus on decorative wall paintings for the Middle East market.

04_A_supplier_in_Yiwu_market_of_islamic_decor_for_Arabic_worldA supplier in Yiwu market of Islamic decor for Arabic world. - Jul.10, 2024

Decorative Items

  • Vases
  • Statues and sculptures
  • Decorative bowls and trays
  • Candles and candle holders

The vases are mainly concentrated on the A and B area of first floor of Phase 1, others are on 3rd floor. 

The glass vases from this supplier have received favorable comments from a wide range of customers, for their premium quality at a good price.

05_A_store_in_Yiwu_market_for_vasesA store in Yiwu market for vases

This vender offers all kind of candlesticks, and most of the designs got stock. MOQ is 1-2ctns per style only.

06_A_store_in_Yiwu_market_for_candle_holdersA store in Yiwu market for candle holders. - Jul.10, 2024

Tabletop Décor

  • Picture frames
  • Handicraft ornament
  • Crystal Craft
  • Lamps

The resin ornaments of this company are rich in style and novel in design, and are widely favored by customers in the European and American markets.

07_A_showroom_shop_in_Yiwu_market_for_home_decor_made_from_resinA showroom shop in Yiwu market for home decor made from resin. - Jul.10, 2024.

This is a booth mainly for lamps, they not only carry stock, but also support customization according to customer requirements and standards.

08_A_shop_in_Yiwu_market_for_lights_and_lampsA shop in Yiwu market for lights and lamps. - Jul.10, 2024.


  • Cushions and pillows
  • Curtains and drapes
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Throws and blankets

For textile related products, you can find some in district 1, and there are more in district 4 and 5.

09_A_showroom_in_Yiwu_market_for_wall_hangingsA showroom in Yiwu market for wall hangings. - Jul.10, 2024.

In home decoration, textiles are also an important category. 

10_A_showroom_in_Yiwu_market_for_pillowsA showroom in Yiwu market for pillows.

Small Furniture

And some other home decoration items: mirrors, lamps, clocks, Indoor sofas, chairs etc. 

*But please note, here in Yiwu only got limited options for the furniture products, esp. big furniture for overseas market are not available here, they are mainly in Lechong furniture market of Foshan city, near Guangzhou. If you need help there, our partners will be ready for you.

11_A_showroom_store_in_Yiwu_market_for_small_furnituresA showroom store in Yiwu market for small furniture

Featured Suppliers:

(more will be updated)

Sourcing Tips for wholesaling Home Décor in Yiwu:

With its vast selection and competitive prices, it’s a must to go place for home decor wholesaler. However, here are some warning tips to keep in mind if you want your purchasing trip to be more productive.

Plan your visit

The Yiwu market is huge. So it's best to do some planning and research before you come. Define the purchasing needs and product categories to make your trip in Yiwu more efficient.

traditional_Chinese_women_statues_wholesale_Yiwu_market_ChinaTraditional Chinese women statues wholesale, Yiwu market, China. - Jul.10, 2024.

Check the samples

Inspect the samples in the booth, not just pay attention on the design. If find anything need to modify, let the supplier know and confirm if they can improve.

Quality can vary, so it's essential to examine samples closely before placing large orders.

cool_dogs_statues_wholesale_Yiwu_market_ChinaCool dogs statues wholesale in Yiwu market China. - Jul.10, 2024.


Confirm the packaging method, better to ask the supplier to show how they pack the products normally, especially for the fragile crafts. Make sure you will get the products safely. For some products, wood frame packing maybe necessary.

traditional_Chinese_lady_statues_wholesale_Yiwu_market_ChinaTraditional Chinese lady statues wholesale in Yiwu market, China. - Jul.10, 2024.

Customs regulation

Customs will have laws and regulations regarding the importation of certain specific goods to certain countries.

For example, import candle to Europe countries, it needs to offer REACH certificate and MSDS to the shipping company. Wooden package needs to be fumigated, esp. to Australia and US…

So make sure the supplier you are going to buy can offer all the documents that your customs needs before placing the order.

buddah_heads_wholesale_Yiwu_market_ChinaBuddha heads wholesale in Yiwu market China. - Jul.10, 2024.


Yiwu is an excellent destination for sourcing home décor products.

With a wide range of products, competitive prices and an efficient logistics network, Yiwu is the preferred paradise for wholesalers.

Whether you are looking for unique designs or bulk purchases, Yiwu Wholesale Market offers everything you need to enhance your home décor business.

13_home_decor_in_Yiwu_market_family_statueFamily statue home decor in Yiwu market, China. - Jul.10, 2024.

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