Tips for Buying Home Decor from Factory in Yiwu Market

-By Lisa

We already have the article for the home decorations in our website, so I will just give you some tips for purchasing home decorations directly from factory in Yiwu market.

If you think that is impossible to buy home decoration in small quantity from the factories, if you think there is no factories in Yiwu for home decorations, if you think Yiwu just sell cheap items, I need to let you know that’s not true!

The Fourth floor in District One of Yiwu International Trade City is for factory displaying their products, the room is much more bigger than the third floor shops, and you will find that there are so many wonderful items there, but there are not so many customers know it well, people just look around the third floor for the home decoration and then finished.

It is easy for you to look around the fourth floor from A area to E area, there are only about 50-60 suppliers in each area that the size is same as 3 floor, and you just need about half hour walking by looking from the outside of the shops.

Here I will list some items that displayed in the Fourth floor: artificial flowers, Christmas items, small and big figurines, vases, glass items, iron items, ceramic items, jewelries, some small furniture, crystals, some expensive items, etc.

People could buy small quantity from these factories if the items are in stock, example 1 -2 cartons (big boxes) per items, and the factories usually will keep stocks for their items.

Most of the factories do not have catalogues, cause their items keep updating very fast, if the customers became their regular customers, they will send new designs pictures to them to choose, in that way, customers don't even need to come to Yiwu too frequently.

At the same time, there is another good point is that you can buy many items just from several factories instead you buying a lot from maybe 30-40 suppliers or more on the third floor, it is better for you and your agent to control risk. 

Feel free to contact us if any questions :)

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