Yiwu Opens Door After Coronavirus Outbreak

Mayor of Yiwu LINYI signed the 16th order on Feb. 12, 2020, to open Yiwu to welcome all visitors after Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in China. 

Yiwu Opens Door After Coronavirus OutbreakYiwu Opens Door After Coronavirus Outbreak

The orders says, welcome ALL visitors to Yiwu, based on the positive results achieved so far.

Below are some specific points:

#1 If necessary, Yiwu Government can offer 3 days free accommodation for visitor who come to Yiwu for the first time to find job or to start a business. 

#2 For visitors who have traveled/lived in severe-virus-affected-areas needs to be put into a hotel or live in their own homes for a-14-day-medical-isolation-and-watch ; For those who didn't travel or lived in these severe virus-ed areas can watch their health by themselves for 14 days, and reduce exposure in public places as much as possible.

#3 Each visitor should have 2 cards: a health card and heath watch card, for tracking purpose. Those hiding / hided their health situation (related to Virus), thus caused virus infection, will be seriously punished by law .

#4 Companies/organizations who have implemented actions and rules to watch-manage-alert health situations of their personnel, will be encouraged to operate as soon as possible.

#5 Medical isolation and watch are available for all citizens after approval from authorized administrations.

#6 Logistics needs to be resumed as soon as possible. Couriers can enter after body temperature tested.

#7 Communities and villages need to make sure each person moving in and out holds the cards that can track, to reduce possible infections.

#8 Each residential / working unit should be reduced to the smallest unit, and contact between each unit needs to be reduced as much as possible.

#9 Citizens can move around by themselves, don't need to be limited any more. All citizens need to wear mask.  Do not go parties. 

#10, Closely-watched-towns-districts-communities-villages, still need to be maintained half closed, same like before.  Upon decision by  Command Committee of Virus Prevent & Control.

* Above English translation is only for reference. Explanation subject by  Virus Prevent & Control Command Committee of Yiwu.

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