Get Work Permit in Yiwu China

1st hand info of getting work permit in Yiwu China. Incl. time(days), cost(money), and docs(documents) required.

What Documents Required?

documents required for getting work permit in Yiwu ChinaDocuments required for getting work permit in Yiwu China

  1. Non-criminal certificate. 
  2. Education certificate.
  3. Work certificate for 2+ yrs.
  4. Health certificate.
  5. Valid passport.

* #1, #2 docs needs to be stamped by China embassy in your own country, or your embassy in China. #3 needs to be stamped and signed by your company(or a company you worked for), include contact info of your boss(mob., email), signature of your boss, date of your work (from xxxx year xx month to xxxx year and xx month). #4 is done in Yiwu. #5 passport need to be valid for at least next 6 months.

What's the procedure?

Step 1: Get above #1, #2, #3 stamped by China embassy in your country , come to Yiwu with #5 and a proper visa (tourist or business).

Step 2: Open a company in Yiwu, make company stamp, and get above #4 in Yiwu.

Step 3: Register on Yiwu administration office for work permit.

Step 4: Get invitation from Yiwu government.

Step 5: Go back to your own country with invitation from Yiwu government, to get a Z visa from China embassy in your country.

Step 6: Come to Yiwu again with Z visa.

Step 7: Apply a working card.

Step 8: Register in immigration office.

Step 9: Yiwu immigration office visit your company to verify.

Step 10: Get work permit of either 6 or 12 months.

After 1 more renew, you can be granted for yearly 12 months work permit which you can renew easily in China without going back.

How many days needed?

Total 30 working days, or 6 weeks, minimum. It can extend to 2 moths include travel.

What are the costs?

Plus 9000 - 12,500 USD per year(RMB 6,0000 - 85,000)  cost of opening company in Yiwu , you may need to pay another 300 - 1000 USD fee (from unprofessional to professional) to hire an agent help you get all this done. Fees charged by embassies are not included but should be minor. 

*In total, i can cost 9,300 - 13,500USD to get work permit properly done in Yiwu China. For an investment idea, to open and run a small company in Yiwu (with a small office and 1 employee ) for one year, you need prepare at least 30,000USD. 


Requirements for open company and get work permit in Yiwu ChinaRequirements for open company and get work permit in Yiwu China

You need 1 Chinese as worker, 1 Chinese or foreigner as supervisor), 6 docs/certificates, 45 days, 30k USD investment minimum, to have a small trading company run in Yiwu China properly for one year, with work permit.

AND, you need a very good agent to work for you to get all this done.

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