Open / Register Company in Yiwu 

Cost, time, money, documents, tax of opening / registering company in Yiwu, China.

What's Needed? (Docs/Documents)

docs (documents) / material required for open (register ) company in Yiwu ChinaDocs / material required for open company in Yiwu China
  1. Passport
  2. Address
  3. A Chinese as financial worker
  4. A supervisor (both Chinese and foreigner are OK)

How Long ? (days)

Time (days)  needed for open(registering) company in Yiwu, ChinaTime (days) needed for open(registering) company in Yiwu, China
  • 3 working days after submitting ALL docs
  • 1 working day for company stamp
  • 1 working day for opening bank account

Total: 5 working days.

From our experience, it takes usually less than 5 working days.

How Much? (Money in USD/RMB) 

tax,insurance cost for having a company registered in Yiwu ChinaTax,insurance cost for having a company registered in Yiwu China

  1. Register, FREE.
  2. Tax about 2200RMB (320USD) / month.
  3. Insurance about 950RMB(140USD) / month.
  4. Tax clerk 300+RMB(45+USD) / month.

* However, as a foreigner, it's difficult to do these things all by their own. They may need to hire an agent to get this done. An agent may cost 200 - 1000 USD (from unprofessional to professional) . A 50 sqm office costs  20,000 (3000USD) minimum.

Total cost for having a company in Yiwu China for 12 month:

320usd tax *12+95usd Insurance *12 + agent fee (740 -1540USD)  + office (3000 - 6000USD)= 8720- 12,520 USD(60,000 - 85,000RMB). 

Roughly,  in 9000 - 12,500 USD per year(RMB 6,0000 - 85,000), exclude personnel cost. You may need to prepare minimum 30,000 USD investment  to have a small company with 1 Chinese personnel run in Yiwu for one year. 

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