How does coronavirus affect yiwu market and business?

- Feb. 25, 2020

  • Are visitors coming back?
  • Factory production resumed?
  • People come come back to work?
  • Market open?
  • How do people feel?
  • When things will become normal?


I was honored to be invited yesterday by a slow news podcast producer called  Tortoise from UK. I think i might also put up the podcast here for YMG visitors. Hope you like it.


"hi my name is Jack Yang. i'm from I help overseas buyers buy products from China, esp. Yiwu market "

Are Visitors Coming Back?

"At this time of last year, we should already finished helping several clients selected their products from market. These regular clients visit us right after Chinese New Year holiday time, spend 1 - 2 weeks in market to make their collection for the coming season. But this year, because of the virus, their flights were canceled by airlines. There are just no flights come into China. Now they are all at their home country"

How Are Business Affected?

"All my teammates are still at home. Either in their new home in Yiwu or at their parents' home in their hometown, trying to work from their laptop. There is no way we can select products with our customers now.

I just received one email from our client in USA, pushing us for a few urgent orders. These orders were placed to factories already but can not be delivered till end of March. Production is not fully resumed. There are already many order lined up.

Market is opened but less than 50% suppliers were there today. This is how business are affected here."

Do you have a sense how much of your business has been affected compared to last year financially? 

"Well it's hard to tell now. Things are getting delayed but not completely finished. For a short term, of course it's completely stopped. But there may be a chance we can catch up after March when virus is over."

How do people feel?

"Everyone is struggling. 

On one hand, we have to come back to work as soon as possible. On the other hand, we have to be very careful not to get infected by virus.

It feels like you are about to shoot a goal on football playground, but there is rattle snake beside you. It is actually an invisible rattle snake.

So, ... struggling ... is the word."

When it can become normal?

"I don't know, but things are becoming better.

On the first day i was back, it was Feb. 13th, one day before Valentine's Day, there were no cars on street. Quiet, and cold.

Today i saw out of my window, for several times, i saw containers were on road to port. Yes, right now, out of my window, i a blue COSCO container come in to Yiwu.

Seems less and less cases found, i hope things will be normal by middle of March.

Let's hope... "

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