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Dollar Items Wholesale Place - Yiwu China

"If you're looking for dollar items wholesale, COME TO YIWU."

Yiwu is THE place to source dollar items, one dollar items, one pound shop items, 99 cents store items, products for Discount Department Stores/closeout stores, extreme value retailers, gift shops, and pet stores.

This is largely because Yiwu is a hub for millions of small commodities made in China. 

Variety, Price and Low Quantity:

NO place in the world can compete with Yiwu for dollar items in variety.

This is simply because the HUGE wholesale marketplace here offers unlimited potential for Dollar items business.

For example:



*Coin purse, coin case.

*summer hatsSunglassestravel pillow, bath mat, tooth brushshower curtain

glasswareglass, cups and vases, glass jars.

* mini plantsArtificial flowers

* Kitchen gadgets, cooking utensilskitchen silicon toolskitchen tools.

* toys, key rings.

* Electronics & cables, flashlight.

* Beauty tools & kitscompact mirrorcomb, mirror and brush, beauty and hairdressingkids hairdressing, more beauty tools.

* Cleaning tools, cleaning cloth

 * DIY toolstape measureglue gun and sticks, sewing case, scissorsknife & scissors

* Pens, pencils, stationary, paper notebooks.

* Christmas products / items.

* Plastic ware, hangers, clips, brush, hooks, hot water bottle


Featured Dollar Item Suppliers:

Low Minimum Order Quantity:

Another advantage of Yiwu for dollar items is its low MOQ. All dollar items here are usually wholsaled at an MOQ of several cases per product. In Yiwu dollar / pound items market, MOQ can be as low as 1 piece.

Because most of the dollar items are either in stock or can be quickly produced. So most of the suppliers can deliver within 5 days or 10 days. This makes consolidating a container very easy. 

Service Agents:

Beside all these excellent ranges of dollar items, Yiwu also has LOTS OF service agent that can help overseas buyers import EASILY.

These agents collect 1 case pencil from supplier A, 2 case Christmas balls from supplier B, 3 cases photo frames supplier C, and 4 cases dog chews from supplier D... add up to a 60HQ container,  then ship out.

With lower MOQ of 1 carton, we can help you consolidate more than 200 products  into one container. 


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