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-maybe it's a better way to let them just produce.

Jewelry is one of the strongest industries of Yiwu. Yiwu jewelry market is also the biggest wholesaling market in China. Yiwu also exports the most jewelry from China each year. But is it a good idea to buy jewelry directly from Yiwu?

From our experiences, there should be a better way to buy jewelry from Yiwu, especially if you’re from Europe or North America. As it's always Europe who is leading the worldwide fashion, you can't expect a factory in Yiwu make a certain type of jewelries that will be in fashion in Europe after three months.

The same thing happens to US or Australia or Japan as well. You don't think the small factories in Yiwu can make some jewelry that will be well accepted by customers in Egypt, do you?

So the better way for people from these areas to buy jewelry from Yiwu is - to bring a designer alone with you.

Jewelry findings and accessories in Yiwu are plenty and all have very good prices. Yiwu also has the superb ability to OEM jewelries at unbelievable prices. So you understand what I’m trying to say here?

You work out the prices of your jewelry findings, jewelry accessories, labor cost, freight, delivery time... then you just simply design a range of jewelries from whatever jewelry findings available from Yiwu market.

This works. One German guy I met before is doing his jewelry business like this in Yiwu and he is very successful. One of my clients, A from UK is also trying to work like this with my assistance. A lot of hard work though ;-)

"I like the materials here, I like the prices here, but I don't like their design at all." "That's not going to work in my market" Instead of complaining to me after visit, now you know what to do before your visit, right?

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