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After 20 years trading and making jewelry, Yiwu now becomes the biggest jewelry wholesale hub in China. About 3200 wholesale stalls.

Yiwu is mainly for cheap fashion jewelry. However, as more and more jewelry business came in, in order to keep each one's products different from its competitors. Now there are also quite a few stalls for classic jewelry.

This article just helps you get some rough ideas by giving a few examples. You can evaluate the potential using your own expertise. Because the prices are fluctuating due to material , labor cost, currency exchange etc. The prices here can only serve as reference, NOT actual prices.

* Disclaimer: we try all what we can to provide objective and actual information, but we can't GARANTEE the info posted here are 100% right, for all the time. And we are not responsible for any loss caused by the information here.

Buy Classic Jewelry from Yiwu China – Variety and Price Level:

Variety for classic jewelry is not as that big as fashion jewelry. But as the jewelry market here is big, so you can still easily find a dozen stalls only for classic jewelry.

classic jewelry antic silver plated in Yiwu market
classic jewelry antic silver plated wholesale in Yiwu market, China

This antic silver plated piece is about 2.30-2.80 USD.

A classic jewelry piece in Yiwu market, China
classic jewelry china

This classic jewelry is about 3.50-4.00 USD/per.With some stones.

classic jewelry with crystals wholesale in Yiwu market.
classic jewelry crystal wholesale China

This crystal classic jewelry is wholesaling at 2.30-2.80 USD/per.

classic jewelry piece in Yiwu market
classic jewelry pieces

This piece is about 3.30-3.80USD/pc.

classic jewelry wholesale Yiwu market
classic jewelry wholesale Yiwu China

This piece is wholesaling at 3.40 - 3.90 USD/per in Yiwu market.

Buy Classic Jewelry from Yiwu China – Quality and MOQ:

According to our customers from Europe, the quality of these pieces in Yiwu is really of good quality. Now almost all suppliers can make nickel free.

MOQ need to be at least 5 - 10 dozens per color of a one design. You can also understand it as 10 - 20 dozens of one design. You can have a few colors mixed within these 10-20 dozens.

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