Bean bags wholesale in Yiwu, China.

Yiwu, esp. inside Yiwu Futian international trade market, lots of beans bags are available for wholesale.

High quality, low order quantity bean bags are also available with help from an Yiwu agent.

Price list / catalogs available to free download below.

A bean bag wholesale showroom in Yiwu market, China.A bean bag wholesale showroom in Yiwu market, China.

Lots of options:

Bean bag wholesale in Yiwu, China.Bean bag wholesale in Yiwu, China. Price ideas.
bean bag Yiwu, China.Bean bags are wholesaling not only inside Yiwu market, but also outside of Yiwu market.
Bean bags are also called lazy sofa, wholesale in Yiwu market, ChinaBean bags are also called lazy sofa, wholesale in Yiwu market, China
bean bag wholesale in Yiwu market, with price ideas.Bean bag wholesale in Yiwu market, price ideas.

Catalog / Price List:

Why these are best prices?

Step 1 - Product Positioning:

Based on the product name provided by the customer (bean bag chair), the images supplied, and the requirements for product performance (high-quality waterproof), gather information and extract key distinctive features — adult waterproof bean bag chair. Input this into the 1688 website to obtain information on different suppliers.

Step 2 - Screening Suppliers:

Firstly, the customer specifies the product dimensions as XL and XXL, requires high-quality, waterproof materials, and specific filling requirements. They then click into different supplier interfaces to check if they can produce and provide products that meet these requirements;

Secondly, for the customer's required quantity of 40 pieces, communicate with the suppliers to inquire if the quantity meets the MOQ. For suppliers that meet the criteria, further screening is conducted, comparing three options, and considering transportation costs to select the merchant with the most favorable overall price, and then re-contacting the merchant to see if they can offer further discounts.

For example, in this search, bean bag chairs can be classified by shape into teardrop, triangular, oval, etc. By following this classification, the manufacturer with the best price is found, and through communication, the merchant offers the lowest price for an order of 40 pieces and includes free shipping.

Step 3 — Information Consolidation:

Organize and summarize the product information obtained above into a table, including images, item numbers, prices (RMB/USD), materials, and other relevant information.


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