Buy Shopping Bag Wholesale from Yiwu China

Shopping Bag Wholesale in Yiwu ChinaShopping Bag Wholesale in Yiwu China


  • Market scale: about 1500 wholesale shops
  • Market make up: 25% factories direct sell, 75% distributors and representatives.
  • Yearly transactions: 500,000,000+ pcs which values around 600 million USD
  • Products origin: Mostly from Wenzhou and Yiwu Local factories.
  • Products range: a full range of sizes of paper shopping bags , HDPE shopping bags, non-woven reusable shopping bags, gift boxes, jewelry gift boxes….
  • Location: 1st floor/ground floor, district 2 (Mostly in F area), Yiwu international trade city. 9:00am-5:00pm. Along Chouzhou Bei Lu (North Chouzhou Rd.) 9:00am-9:00pm
  • All bags can be customized with customer's logo , design, sizes…

MOQ, Lead Time:

Paper shopping bags MOQ normally is 5000 pcs, the price is around 0.2 USD – 0.3 USD depending on the size and colors of your printing design (less color designs then the price will be cheaper)

For non-woven reusable shopping bags, MOQ is 3000 pcs + with your logo or design, price is around 0.42 USD (Size : 39 *30*10 cm)

For the HDPE / Plastic shopping bags, the MOQ normally is 10000 + with your logo or design, price is around 0.03 USD / pcs based on normal size (40 *30 * 10cm) and 1 color printing.

Lead time usually from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Price Reference:

Shopping Bag Price List Yiwu ChinaShopping Bag Price List Yiwu China

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