How to walk Yiwu market on your own (alone)?

As more and more visitors come to Yiwu market for research and investigate, esp. Amazon sellers, hire a guide is not necessary all the time. I hope below tips can help you walk Yiwu market on your own.

Step 1: book a close-by hotel

Best Western Ocean hotel(hope they fixed wifi issue) is still the No.1 option for most 1st time visitors, because of LOCATION.

Marriott comes the 2nd with location, but No.1 for luxury.

If above 2 are both full, Sanding New Century plaza is a good option too. Shangri-La newly opened, not sure how it is. Will update here after i have enough feedback.

Beside above 4-5 star hotels, Bali Yating Hotel, and many small hotels close to market are good too. You can find all these info. on hotels close to Yiwu market.

Step 2: get a map

There are usually lots of maps at your hotel reception about the market, shows what products are in which section. Some maps may not be updated but are generally OK for reference.

Alternatively, you can click to download a map of Yiwu market (new pet products section which is in District 5 are not on this map).

Or browse (only for reference, not updated in time).

Step 3: know the Gates

Yiwu market is HUGE.  But, not easy to get lost, as long as you know the gates.

There are total 114 gates of the whole market complex. 

If you stay in Best Western hotel which is beside gate 32; If you stay at Marriott, that's in front of gate gate 18 and gate 20. In fact, you will see it at gate 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, ... till gate 64 because it's a very tall building. But if you walk out of the other side like gate 1, 3, 5, ... 67. You will not be able to see it because it's at THE OTHER SIDE.

On the other hand, if you stay in a lot of small hotels close to market, which are all at the odd number side. Like eJon Impression hotel (gate 5), Defeng Hotel(gate 29 but behind a tall office building), Bali Yating hotel, Ruide hotel, Yinhai business hotel, Rongle hotel,  they are all in the direction of gate 45 and gate 51.

I wish i can explain to you face to face with our 3D map in hand.

Step 4: take clear notes

take picture of your product, put down price and MOQ, take another picture of the name card. Easy but not easy for 100 products.

Always keep logic and  take CLEAR pictures. Some app like evernote may help you (but export / download can be a pain).

Make sure your devices are function all the time. Always have back ups. If you bring power banks, make sure there are clear capacity data mark on it. For example, 5000 mAh, or you may not be able to take it with you in planes in China.

Step 5: have emergency contacts

Take my number (Jack) +86 159 2428 6660 and my manager(Mike) +86 180 5896 2885 for emergency. We're happy to help you out by speaking on phone for a few mins.

However, the best way is we can have a 20" meeting in our office before you start browsing, so we can guide you face to face.

We prepared a best map with interactive translations for you.

We can bring in a broker who can exchange money(with much better rates than hotel) and sell you SIM card(fully refund if any problem).

Our office is right in the center of Yiwu market, ideal to meet around 9am before you start browsing market on your own. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon :)

yiwu market map with interactive translationyiwu market map with interactive translation. free for all our visitors.

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