Shipping from Yiwu to Bangkok, Thailand

Cost (rate) of shipping from Yiwu to Bangkok, Thailand.

Bulky Shipments Rates

  • Less than 1.00 CBM: 3,800 Thai Baht
  • 1.00 - 3.00 CBM: 3,600 Thai Baht / CBM
  • 3.00 - 5.00 CBM: 3,400 Thai Baht / CBM
  • More than 5.00 CBM: 3,200 Thai Baht / CBM

Small Shipments Rates

  • Food, small daily use articles from sites like (No copyright issues, no batteries ): 60 Thai Baht /kg.
  • Pharmacy(medical) & cosmetics:  100 Thai Baht /kg.


  1. Above rates include tax & duty, covers from Yiwu warehouse to Bangkok warehouse.
  2. Bulky shipments: 1.00 CBM = 400 kg.
  3. Small & heavy products are charged by weight.
  4. Flammable & explosive products not accepted.
  5. Other un-grouped products are quoted  case by case.
  6. 4% products value as insurance fee (optional). 
  7. 3 time of freight as compensation applied if shipment is lost.
  8. Packing service not available.
  9. Damage is not compensated.
  10. Minimum 300 Thai Baht for each parcel-group-shipment.

* Above quotes are from a 3rd party shipping service provider. Price may change as time goes.

- Updated on Aug.02, 2019.

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