Bullet Train from Shanghai to Yiwu

* Train is only recommended if you have tickets in hand(or as least have tickets bought and paid, only need to get tickets at train station), and you are familiar with train transport system, and you have 45mins in train station prior departure. During holiday time, train stations are usually packed with people, can easily lose time from line up to line up.

Otherwise, i recommend you book a car, door to door:

Pick up from PVG airport:  private car / taxi between PVG airport and Yiwu.

Pick up from Shanghai hotel or other address: car / taxi between Shanghai hotel and Yiwu hotel.

FAST TRAIN Schedule/Time:

There are over 30 trains go to Yiwu from Shanghai. From 6:30am to 8:30pm, each 10-30 mins, there is train. 

Below is a timetable only for reference:

TRAIN    DEP.     ARR.     DUR.

G7331    06:20    07:48    1hr 28mins

G7333    06:30    08:05    1hr 35mins    

G1383    06:45    08:27    1hr 42mins    

G1651    06:56    08:42    1hr 46mins    

G2365    07:12    08:52    1hr 40mins    

G1371    07:22    08:57    1hr 35mins    

G1341    07:32    09:07    1hr 35mins    

G1509    08:31    10:21    1hr 50mins    

G7325    08:41    10:47    2hr 6mins    

G7349    09:10    10:42    1hr 32mins    

G1377    09:28    11:03    1hr 35mins    

G1657    10:18    11:52    1hr 34mins    

G1349    10:48    12:31    1hr 43mins    

G1375    11:16    12:49    1hr 33mins    

G1327    11:39    13:23    1hr 44mins    

G7591    12:01    13:39    1hr 38mins    

G1387    12:20    13:56    1hr 36mins    

G7335    12:30    14:13    1hr 43mins    

G1369    12:40    14:21    1hr 41mins    

G7375    12:46    14:26    1hr 40mins    

G1659    12:57    14:31    1hr 34mins    

G1389    13:10    14:36    1hr 26mins    

G1329    13:43    15:17    1hr 34mins    

G1355    13:48    15:22    1hr 34mins    

G1303    14:10    15:45    1hr 35mins    

G1635    14:35    16:10    1hr 35mins    

G1637    15:17    16:57    1hr 40mins    

G7337    15:32    17:07    1hr 35mins    

G7321    16:17    18:02    1hr 45mins    

G1361    16:42    18:17    1hr 35mins    

G1363    17:09    18:53    1hr 44mins    

G7385    17:32    19:35    2hr 3mins    

G1393    17:45    19:26    1hr 41mins    

G7323    17:53    19:47    1hr 54mins    

G1367    18:08    19:52    1hr 44mins    

G7371    18:13    20:02    1hr 49mins    

G1395    18:28    20:06    1hr 38mins    

G7339    18:35    20:19    1hr 44mins    

G1227    19:04    20:49    1hr 45mins    

G381    19:15    21:05    1hr 50mins    

G7383    20:32    22:32    2hr 0mins


2nd class: ¥123,     1st class: ¥201.5

*Above schedule is only for reference.  We can buy tickets for our customers who booked our Yiwu market buying agent service.

>> Click to download a PDF version Shanghai to Yiwu fast train schedule / timetable.

Termination / Stations:

All bullet trains and other fast train from Shanghai to Yiwu departures from Shanghai Hongqiao Train Train Station to Yiwu train station (上海虹桥火车站) 

From Pudong Airport(PVG) to Hongqiao Train Station:

 Metro No.2, or airport bus line No.1 to Hongqiao train station. They're both very convenient. The full journey is about 75-95 mins.

See green line below shows metro:

subway from Pudong airport to Hongqiao train stationsubway from Pudong airport to Hongqiao train station

P.S. Better get someone to buy the tickets one day in advance, because some of the fast train tickets can be sold out by the time you get to train station. 

Yiwu Taxi Tips:

Share a taxi with others is usual in Yiwu, but ONLY under passengers' permission.  Passengers can refuse to pay if it's not under their permission.

* Always insist putting on meter and ask for receipt(发票, reads "Far, P-ee-or ") before paying fare. 

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